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Confederate Con Artist

"Mind your wants, because someone wants your mind." Beware when your enemy offers you a gift, especially if it's been a gift you've been wanting, one that you deserve, yet one which you've not forced them to relinquish.  Black people are not forcing the Confederate flags removal.  The NAACP's 15 year boycott didn't cause it.  Nor have our recent political or grassroots movements focused on the flag's removal. If you think nine more Black lives has caused White America North and South to suddenly develop moral consciousness, then you've been out in the cold too long.   Some say it's a beginning, a step. I could go along with that, if we'd forced the step. We don't have the ballots or the bullets to do so. We're not forcing it, so it's a con. Here's why. Particularly because the SC Massacre happened in a Black church and given how dear we hold church and the spirit, our enemy knows that this massacre has/had the

White Judges, White Media, White Jesus - Forgiving While the Bullets are Still Flyin'

We talk about forgiving because we've been instructed to do so by White authorities - White judges, White media, White Jesus. The same authorities guide us to direct what anger we can't suppress to the removal of the Confederate flag, instead of to the Roofs, the courts, the police, Fox new, the banks, and active racism where ever we find it. We are to celebrate and feel powerful when an Alabama flag is lowered, although the schools-to-arrests-to-courts-to-prison-to-profits still fly high. As per the direction of the authorities, discussions and debates about how we can and should protect ourselves from the Roofs or the police have been pushed aside. We are to feel flag-down powerful while our appetites, habits, and money still funnel our futures to aliens who profit from our misery. We are to feel flag-down-powerful instead of taking Denmark Vessey's example to use the church or any Black grouping for power to directly challenge oppression and to defend ag

The "Trans-racial" President? No, not Rachel Doleza, The Other One.

America doesn't have to deal with its "racist" and violent past, just its violent past, right? Somehow, if guns are controlled, then racism will also be controlled, right?  The POTUS doesn't see color very well, so he can't help us. On the rare occasions when he does, he chastises the Congressional Black Caucus, the Morehouse Men. He demands that the  Black "thugs" in Baltimore be stopped, and sends drones to his father's Kenya. When he opens his mouth his White grandfather speaks. When he observes, his White mother and white grandmother sees. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's just taking care of us, so he doesn't incite a riot. White vigilante massacres and state-funded genocide from education to police brutality are ok, just not ANY form of Black resistance. His White grand mother would be terrified of Black resistance, since he reports that she was chaffed at Black existence. His loving White grandfather would come to her aid, though h

The Parents Need Therapy!

FB Query: "Can   any of you explain to me  the sickness of the parents thinking that they could shield their children from RACISM by running from it!!  The parents need therapy!!" This was the response of a Facebook friend who was reacting  to a Washington Post article  and confession by Lawrence Otis Graham (pictured with is family) entitled:  "I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong". Here's my attempt to answer my Facebook Brother's query: My Brother, this Graham sickness - thinking that we can shield our children and ourselves from racism by running away from it is an extreme form of what most of us have been doing in one way or another. In fact, our parents have taught to do so.  Life, Health, Strength Ankh, Was, Djed I agree - the Graham parents need therapy in a big way! Unfortunately, so do we all. This is not a defense of the Graham's assimilationist fantasy. It's a

Not Talkin' White, Idiot

I received this graphic in my inbox today. I'd seen it before. This time I was saddened that it came from two young family members, so I decided to respond: Actually, _________, there is something as "talkin' White." I know that the charge of "talkin' white" can hurt, hence you're inclined to hurl "idiot" and imply "improper English-improper person" back at at them. Snugly wrapped in the comfort blanket of "objective" proper-non-proper judgement, you might think you've elevated the conversation above race, right? Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. When we throw these jabs, we're doing European oppressor's work. We are hurting each other while trying to connect, avoid and defend in an oppressive relationship cesspool without preparation our tools, or as my mom would say "You're up the creek without a paddle or canoe." Stay with me for a minute, will you? I got to set thi

An interesting experience - a tale of two homeschool open houses

An interesting experience - a tale of two homeschool open houses Greetings, This week I attended two open houses.  The experience was telling.  At the first open house, which was very well-attended, initially, I was the only African-American parent in attendance.  Everyone was warm and inviting and the class offerings looked interesting.  But I wondered to myself if the history, the literature or the math would highlight  any  of the African contribution? What would my children go away feeling and thinking at the end of the class? I’m sure they would learn, but where would they see themselves.  Then two other Black parents showed up.  As Black folks tend to do (or at least some of us), I tried to make eye contact so that I could greet them.  Both women went out of their way to avoid eye contact and not speak.  Nor did they acknowledge each other.  Interesting, I thought.  But upon deeper reflection, as I watched these women go and embrace others in attendance who did not look

Prayer Back In Schools?

Someone sent me this photo this morning. Nice cute photo and concept, huh? Did deeper. God back in the schools - for what, for whom? Liberation or blood sacrifice? Jump in the discussion - the water is hot! AYA's students are not out of school yet, and are today learning about David Walker's Appeals, Henry Highland Garnet's Address to [captured Africans] Ani's "Hypocrisy as a Way of Life," and Ariminta's (Harriet Tubman's) 4 stages of spiritual development as a response to this seemingly simple and photo and message. Our Wisdom Wednesday instructor Mama Afua leads the discussion. I provided the text below in response to the photo/message to start the discussion. Baba Wekesa: The problem is not that God is out; it's that institutional, cultural, and personal racism is in. Talking about God is a smoke screen to hide the fact that they are created to fail us. Let's get real. Saying "the Lord's"prayer every morning will not