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Authenticity > Authorship > Authority

Want to take charge of your life? Throw out the ghostwriter. Here's an AYA  maxim: Authenticity > Authorship > Authority.  When we are emotionally authentic, we are writing, creating the story of our lives and relationships. When we write/create the story, then we become the authorities in and over our lives. On the other hand, when we are emotionally inauthentic, (numb to what we are feeling - all of what we're feeling, or when we're not true to what we're feeling) the story of our lives and relationships (intimate, familial, organizational, or business) is being written and directed by the ghostwriter - the person or group that has written, and implanted the "script" for our inauthenticity.  Who's writing your story, pullin' your relationship strings.  Why, when closest to success, does our communication turn to conflict, and trust erodes or explodes? It's the ghostwriter. You've heard it before - "change yo

Cincinnati's Araminta + Warriors-Healers-Builder Juneteenth Celebration

Some are elated, some irritated, some outright insulted about the announced Tubman/Jackson $20. Regardless of your position, we have an obligation to control the narrative. The power is in the story! Will her image evoke our commitment to collective freedom? Will it inspire us to heal, build & fight against real oppression today, or induce us to bask in the illusion of inclusion? It’s really up to us. Come. Learn.  Join the national movement to tell her story from the inside-out! Did you know her first attempted escape was with her two brothers? Did you even know that she was from a revolutionary family?  What about her 4-staged spiritual development that supported her revolutionary work? We’ll look at her story through the eyes of AYA’s WHB model. We’ll especially lean on the new SIO model. So we learn to tell her story and OurStory from the inside-out, to flip-the script! Register Araminta - WHB Storyteller Certification Begining Training