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Match Your Child's Brain Games

AYA Parents, Freedom Friday (Tribute to Ken Bridges) featured a review of the TV program Brain Games' episodes in two groups. Group one focused on the brain and addiction while group two focused on the brain and implanting false memories. Note if your child missed class on Friday, they should follow the links below, especially for the Group 2 discussion below, because they're will be a follow up and extension to that section. GROUP ONE Group one featured students reviewed the segment on addiction.  https://www. QAnN8r8CpJk They were to catalog 4 for things in their notes from Group One.  Please talk to them about it.  If you can, ask them about these and to see them in their notes.  If you can, watch one or more of the segments yourself to try your hand at noting the four things yourself. When you talk to them talk about any large or smalls thing you've learned, or relearned from your viewing, their notes or your discussion wit