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Wake Forrest Paying Students To Take Tests - Rearranging the Chairs on The Titanic?

Wake Forrest University Law School paying undergrads to take the GRE? What's that about? The article below brought back some teachings of Nana Baffour (Asa G. Hilliard III) and spawned this train of thought- Mis-Education - Accreditation - Testing. It' is a business that has little to do with real education, skill, aptitude, or ability. When enrollment starts dropping money stops flowing in, and all of a sudden the vaulted "standards," and "test measures as predictors" become quite malleable or completely obsolete. See article below. Please remember this the next time you or your child are trippin' over test scores - high or low. Nana Asa Hilliard taught me that academic "evaluation is for guidance, not judgement of the person or their abilities." This is what  AYA Educational Institute  uses and teaches to parents and other educators. We call it EFG - evaluation for guidance. It's grounded in our Seven Steps To Recovery, River

Don't go for it!

In a minute, a guy named Valentine will ask for your Black Love. Actually, he's tryin' to use your sweet Black Love to con you out of your Black Love dollars. Don't do it! I know you'll just be celebrating your love. Valentine will smile and serve you well to help you celebrate, all the while using your Black Love dollars to fund our community's death. Don't do it. Sure he's smiling, your Black Love will allow him to spread more love in his community. Send him packin' like Santa Clause! Black love is Black wealth. Share the love - keep the wealth in our community. Celebrate Black Love in ways that make more Black Love. Black Love needs your love and your Black Love dollars! Nothing can heal us like Black Love. Let your Black love inspire and fund more Black Love for the caterer, the DJ, the owner of the venue, the saxophonist, the waiters, etc. Your Black Love can help them go home and share more love with their family and loved ones. I

Black Love is In Need of Love Today

Black Love Is In Need of Love Today! (Stevie reminds us) Family, our love is wounded. Daily, our loving ourselves is under attack. Constantly, we're reminded that we're not enough, that we don't deserve the best treatment, that - as Baba Clarke would say - we're "outside of God's grace." We're wounded, so our love is wounded, and wounding. Let's heal it. Let's nurture it. Let's defend it. Let's celebrate it. On Feb. 13th - Black Love Day we'll do just that, by kicking off a year of healing, defending, tasting and celebrating Black Love. Akoma Love. Healing and Building Love. (See Black Love Day - Akoma Love). Use the comment section to send some Love to Black Love. On Feb. 13th, over dinner, through games, interviews and dancing, this year's honorees will reveal how they loved their love - for our people, for themselves and each other. Who are they? Shh... coming soon. Last year's honorees here: web / FB

White Images in the Black Mind - The Color of Christ and White Supremacy

Wekesa O. Madzimoyo Take a look at Roland Martin's take on the white Jesus issue. Here "To whom much is given....” This one is for my Christian family and friends who may have slipped back into the "color of Christ doesn't matter" thinking. I don't have this discussion much anymore. Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan settled it for me 40 + years ago, and I've not looked back since. (Dr. Ben's link at the end of this post.) In fact, I've moved forward. But this post isn't about me or religion, per se, and it's certainly not about getting you to change your faith. It's more about "racial scripting" than scripture. It's about religion as a tool for white supremacy and the domination of our people - African people. It's about our believing that God's loves for us (and God's presence in us) is not dependent on us bowing to or ignoring images of white Jesus/God/angels. It's about us caring about the psycholo

Bending Time?

I saw this image on social media yesterday and responded: They don't represent it or defend it. Why are we wanting to put something on them that they don't espouse or defend? Are we that desperate and delusional, or maybe I just missed it. A friend responded: I have no real buy in to the individuals AND šŸ˜‰ the imagery that is African people in African garb...BEAUTIFULšŸ˜Š Wekesa: So if they'd pictured Obama or Clarence Thomas in the same beautiful Afrikan garb, would you be more struck by their Afrikan beauty, than their Eurocentric politics? Maybe so. I respect your choice. Forgive me, I'm an old man. When I was coming of age, wearing Afrikan clothes WAS a political choice and statement. That is what made it beautiful . Forgive me if I try to do the impossible - bend time. It gets me in trouble sometimes. Medase.