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What Happened to All the Black Farmers? | NBC Left Field

Celebrate, Cry or Both?

CNN Reports:  West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women Should we celebrate or cry, or do both? To handle any obstacle course is an achievement, make no mistake. I love and celebrate powerful sisters. And West Point is not just an obstacle course, it's a military education and indoctrination institution. Are we to assume that they've been imbued with the proclivity and skill to defend our community or attack our enemies? Are we to ignore the initiatory nature that instills identification with and allegiance to those who oppress us? I asked this in a post on Memorial Day when my family was celebration soldiers and former soldiers in my family - thanking them for their service in the military without an expectation of any service to defend and or lead our family or community against attacks on our community. It's difficult to raise because we applaud their courage, tenacity, intelligence, perseverance and more. Our celebration forces us - li