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Black Love - Saturday Black Healing Sessions

Black Love - Black Healing Sessions Medase, especially for all of you who attended and even “liked” the Black Love Day Dinner Celebration. It was fantastic. Photos Here! I have two Black Love treats for you. Actually, they are two offers. One is a “Nip,” the other is a “Taste.”  Both elixirs will lead to the kind of 360 degrees of Black Love that we’ve been celebrating - Ancestral Love, Community Love, Revolutionary Love, Building Love, Romantic Love, etc.  The “Nip” is on the house. The “Taste” will hardly make a dent in your wallet.  The “Nip” is from 10-12Noon. (Free) The “Taste” is from 1pm - 6pm. (3 installments of $15 or $45) ---------------------------------------- The training will be presented live (ATL) and streamed over the web as well.  Where: For those in the Atlanta metro we’ll be @  Kilombo Academic & Cultural Institute 1879 Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA 30032. Reserve your space HERE. Streaming: Sign up HERE Fa

Community-Warrior Love

  Black Community-Warrior Love: Come celebrate love anointed by the elders and wrapped in the service to the family, the community, our people and our cause for freedom, self-determination, and sovereignty. Sometimes “Free the Land” starts with the land that you’re living on right now! For Community-Warrior Love we are pleased to Honor Sister, Professor, Mama, Tanya Washington. Tanya’s fight has been a local affair, yet it touches us all. Driven by her identification with and  love of our community, she chose not to abandon it for personal comfort. Instead, she’s used her scholarship as a lawyer, professor and organizer to defend the homes and families in Peoplestown from government and corporate take-over. Tanya’s example of Community-Warrior Love underscores the fact that only love birthed by active community loving (the action verb) protects and uplifts the community. By contrast, the individual “just-you-and-me” love is created by aliens and it depends on alien affirmation

Ancestral Love 2016

Ancestral Love - Ancestral Love - Come celebrate love kissed by the ancestors and wrapped in the service to the family, the community, our people and our war against white-supremacy, for self-determination, and sovereignty. The Black Love Day honoree for Ancestral Love has been chosen. We are pleased to honor Sis., Dr., Mama, Nana Frances Cress Welsing. Welsing was a psychiatrist, author, activist. For many of us, her spirit and love still lives. To receive the award for her will be another  sister-scholar-warrior-healer - Dr.,Mama, Elder Marimba Ani… This is what makes AYA's Black Love Day different - We celebrate 360 degrees of Black Love. We know that the romantic love you already have or that you seek to have is "alien love," unless it is kissed by the ancestors. Have you shaped a love or are you seeking a love that will withstand ancestral scrutiny and receive that vaulted ancestral kiss? On

Revolutionary Love 2016

Revolutionary Love!  Ours is a daily, yet protracted challenge. To make revolution, we need revolutionary love. Revolutionary Love nurtures warriors, nurtures healers, nurtures builders.  Drum roll please.... the selection for the 2016 BLD Revolutionary Love award has been made. And the winning couple is - Mama  Tamu Kanyama- Ann Norman  and Baba Hekima Kanyama . Choosing from among deserving couples was a labor of love. We hope that you'll come out to celebrate and be inspired  by this couple's revolutionary love. Here's just a snippet. This Revolutionary Love couple has been married for 46 years. While they were attracted to each other physically, what makes their love revolutionary is that it was built on their love for our people and their determination to make social change - revolutionary change for our people - in their lifetimes. They each came to the relationship with that fire. It is that flame that attracted them most. They also came with their differ

Long Love 2016

Long Love! The wait is over. I’m so pleased to be able to announce for the AYA Black Love Day committee the Long Love Honorees for 2016. Long Love .. . Long Love is seasoned love. Long love is made new over and over again. As each person grows, the love grows. As each one in the couple discovers deeper parts of themselves, the love deepens. As the challenges of life make us discover or develop anew, the love becomes renewed. Time and the trials and tribulations of life make LONG LOVE sweet love. And the honorees are: Baba Jihad and Mama Sakinah Abdullah. Revolutionaries and Muslims since high school, their love has been a journey and a blessing to our communities - Atlanta, GA, Miami Florida, Syracuse, NY and points in between. They are still active. But you want to know about their love, right? How long? Baba Jihad says ... "I say her wearing this red dress. “She was in the 6th grade! She captured my heart; then, disappeared from site." He looked for her, asked everybod

Building Love - Honoring Cashawn and Shevon.

Building Love. Most of you know that AYA's answer to oppression is to nurture the Warrior, Healer, & Builder in us all. Of the three, too often the builders in us and in our community get slighted. Revolutionary Building is often quiet work. So, I want you to help us make some noise and lift up AYA's Black Love Day 2016 Building Love Honorees - Mama Shevon and Baba Cashawn Myers. When working on the foundation, it's often below ground and can't be seen by passers-by. Movies are made about the defining battle or the healer who snatches life from the jaws of death. The builder drops a small seed in the ground, or in the mind of a student. Not so dramatic, right? When the organizer puts up one more sign or passes out one more flyer, it's so hum-drum. Where's the drama, the conflict, the action? When we think of the Panthers, we seldom think of them feeding our children. Our honorees have been instrumental in building HABESHA in Atlanta, Baltimore, and