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This Year's Theme: Seven Layers of Black Love! Family, it's that time of year again - time for AYA Educational Institute’s yearly celebration of Black Love - Akoma Love during the coldest month of the year! It's the time when we need to keep each other warm. It's the time when we celebrate Black romantic love draped in WARRIOR Love and Lore, dedicated to BUILDING more Black love, and dripping with honey-sweet HEALING love. Purchase your tickets ASAP! This is our seventh year. You already know the power that seven evokes - intuition, spirituality, creativity, and hard work! With your presence, our Sat. Feb. 9th celebration will be the best yet. Use this opportunity to celebrate Black love. Too often we criticize the lack of it, or how it’s lacking. Too often we water the weeds and not the seeds. Water the seeds of authentic Black love. We were inspired by Mama Ayo Handy’s Black Love Day tradition that she started over 30 years ago. Since then, we put the AYA spin o

Jump at The Sun! AYA high school students need your help.

AYA high school students need your help! Like Zora Neale Hurston, they are remembering family and reconnecting us to our culture. They are also "healing broken stories" that diminish and distort our family power. They're not just talking Sankofa, they're doing it  - with their families! Please donate to our student's sojourn to present their work from AYA's Family-Lore Project at the professional CAAR conference in collaboration with the Zora Festival in Orlando and historic Eatonville, Florida on Jan. 30th!  Donate Here:… Any amount will help them continue to see the benefits of attending an Afrikan-Centered school and continue to share our model with the world.   Please show them the way by donating, sharing and challenging your friends to match it.  AYA has long been in the vineyard, help us expand. ---------- PS: If you want to know more about the Family-Lore Project and either host a local si