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Falsification of African Consciousness - Weekend Academy Special

Web-Conference Weekend  Academy Special! AYA offers many courses designed to prepare adults and youth for advanced historical, social, and psychological analysis and synthesis. Useful for in both the university of life and academic universities, these courses will meet together on the weekends on starting Saturday, Sept. 27th. Register today! Due to popular demand, we'll offer two special courses as a part of our national web-conference-based Weekend Academy so that student who attend other institutions, home school students, and adults who work can partake. The two courses are: Falsification of African Consciousness based on the work of Dr. Amos N. Wilson The course is an introduction to Amos N. Wilson - his mission and his works. The course explores:  How  Eurocentric history-writing rationalizes and justifies European oppression of Afrikan peoples How that process creates a  false Afrikan consciousness - one possessed by an alien consciousness that serves

Guardian Elders

Pre-launch. Please repost!  AYA is looking for grandparent-aged Africans to be apart of our Guardian Elders program and our Guardian Force. We surround our part-time, full-time, weekend academy students (youth and adults) from 6th grade through college with a Guardian force. We need you.  This may well be the most rewarding volunteer work that you ever do. Look for more info. In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more or attending a Guardian Elder informational webinar/phone conference, fill out the short interest form here: Here's a link to a teaser. I'll have to tell the story a bit differently, but for now (pre-launch) you may get the picture: . Join AYA's Guardian Elder force because an elephants head is no load for a child.  We need you! Flexible. Simple. Powerful. You can participate

Does Mike Brown Teach at Your Child's School?

No? He should be, and at AYA, he does! Yes, I'm talkin' 'bout the same Michael Brown gunned down in Ferguson. Stay with me. Measuring Intelligence  The real measure of intelligence is not a test score. It's not admittance to a prestigious association that tries to count your gray matter. It is simply and profoundly how well you can solve the problems you, your family, our people, and all people face (in that order). Our community is beset by many problem, and any real school/education should both prepare and inspire us to solve them. In the news this week is police brutality and the military occupation of the Black community in the US. The latest national reminder is a white policeman killing an unarmed Black youth - Michael Brown. Black community activist, organizers, and some reluctant politicians have had their say. Many of them denounce the killing of Mike Brown and the Black men killed every 28 hours by "security authorities." (Ghetto Storm)

Malcolm X, Geometry & The Hero With an African Face

Here's a conversation by email with a member of AYA's Warriors-Healers-Builders (WHB) family, Baba Kojo (aka  Clyde McElven) He's the founder of the Hurston/Wright Foundation and now CEO of Clyde McElven and Associates Consulting. Reading is this thing! Baba Kojo: As I continue reviewing my books for those depicting African resistance and or building I keep finding gems . One such precious find (or refined) is "Heroes With an African Face" by Clyde W. Ford. Besides all the ancient African myths and heroes Ford writes about I was delighted with a current story he tells about himself. As a college student he taught Black children in summer school who were labeled "problem Students. He taught them geometry without a single math book. Instead he used a copy of the speeches of Malcolm X.  His reasoning was ...these young people ought to learn how to state a case and then construct a logical proof- something Malcolm was extremely good at. He said by t

"Mom, take me out of this school !!!!"

Afiya - AYA @ Morris Brown Things have changed. Back in the day - when Afiya and I first started home-schooling which was the basis for AYA Educational Institute, our daughters - Sarafina and Ife didn’t like it one bit. Her brothers openly voiced their concern that they were being deprived of socialization. They protested. They whined. The conspired against it. That was then. In the last 3 days parents are calling saying that their teenagers are asking not to go to public school. At least one is in full-fledged protest mode. A parent in NC shares that she wised that she would have listened when her son was saying: "Mom you gotta get me out of this school." Of course she cared, but had no idea how schools - academically and socially - have changed. She thought his reports were exaggerated, and did nothing. They reasons for the change from protesting to being taken out of public schools to protesting to BE taken out are as much social as academic. It’s an asp

New L.E.A.P. Logo.. What do you think?

L.E.A.P. is new and we're evolving everyday. We've introduced a new logo. Haven't heard about L.E.A.P? Click on the logo. What do you think? New above? Older one below? Hold on.. Cause there's more to come.

Rasberry Pi for 201-1015 School Year

AYA is going Raspberry Wow! A decade an a half into the 21st Century already. We're working to make sure our students and our people are ready. Around the world the governments are pushing to create a generation of creators instead of consumers. As usual, the high consumer and debt based economy of the US lags behind. We're not! Last year we experimented with Code Academy to help. Now, we're going Raspberry. See Computer Science on Curriculum page more more info.

L.E.A.P. Check it out and pass it on.

L.E.A.P. Introduction and Invitation. Join us. Support us. Let's do this! Leadership  Education  Advocacy Power

AYA Re-dedicates its Weekend Academy to Trayvon Martin!

Youth, Parents, Community Adult Weekend Courses We won't forget! We know what we face. We're prepared and motivated.

Web-Conference vs. Website

AYA is not an online school. We're a web-conference based school. Check out the video to see the interaction. Others use the internet to replace human contact. We use it to extend human contact!