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Central Ohio - Countering Injected Racial Scripts / River of Touches

Central Ohio, we're coming for you!  Countering Injected Racial Scripts (CIRS) and The River of Touches - A WHB One-Day Skill Building leadership and personal development training will be held on August 11th and 12th in Columbus, OH at the Millennium School. See Flyer! The 11th: Injected racial scripts are a kind of social hypnosis. CIRS identifies 4 powerful scripts and gives you the tools, the steps, the recipe to GET OUT from under their spells! Community organizers, parents, grandparents, teachers, storytellers - those who work to lift our children and our people - this session is for you. The scripts confound your great work. They turn your empowerment stories and efforts into limiting stories and efforts. Without knowing it, they induce us to turn our own power against us. Wonder why our efforts so often fall short? It's the scripts - the social hypnosis. GET OUT. This session is free! The 12th: RVT - The River of Touches (RVT) is not a speech, not a sermo