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Adding Insult to Injury: Telling the Story From the Abuser's Point of View

Samantha Melamed and the Philidelphia Inquirer,  Why tell the story from the abuser's point of view? Note: "Gerald Dugan tried to remain calm as the elevator doors opened and the man at the center of a case that’s haunted him for 40 years stepped into his 14th-floor law office." This is racism on top of racism. Compare what has "haunted" the prosecutor - Dugan - with what the brother - Kevin Brinkly - endured. The article was written to evoke sympathy for Dugan while Brinkly remains almost as anonymous in the article as he was in a prison cell for 40 years. The writer could have asked: "What haunted Brinkly in prison? What realizations did Brinkly come to?" Instead of allowing the abuser - Dugan - to speak for Brinkly saying, “You never saw a sunrise..., saw a sunset..., drove a car..., fell in love ..."; the writer, Melamed, could have allowed the brother to tell his own story in the same number of lines. No! racism (unconscio

Weaponize Our Dollars?

A friend on Social Media posted this question to Black people: Here are my thoughts to his query: First, we have to grow in ourselves a mindset for war, winning, healing, building and expanding our territory whether others like it (or us) or not! Most don't even know that we are at war, and another huge percentage think that it's ONLY about the dollar.  Our dollars will serve our mission of self-determination - which includes removing people from power over us, building for and healing our own - only if that's our mission. If our dollars are not doing that, it means that's not our prevailing mission. Our dollars will have no more sense than we have. They will go where our deepest desires go. If that's to get in where we fit in, to ape oppressor values, earn oppressor approval, oppressor acceptance, etc., then our dollars will go there and become weapons against anyone who tries to stop us from achieving that mission.  In truth, our dollars are already we

Economic Conundrum and Making Our Own Currency 2017 #1

I love AYA. One of my favorite courses is AYA's Economic Conundrum. These 9th-12th-grade students are on it. After digesting and dissecting the so-called economic collapse of 2008, and the white elite's manipulation of the greatest transfer of wealth from the Black to the white community since captivity, the students are now moving to what we can do to sure up our communities. They've learned about CDOs, Federal Reserve history, bogus ratings by investment "rating agencies, lenders, servicers, and the infamous - Credit Default Swaps. Why are they interested when they were 5-8 years old at the time of the Great Theft (2008)? The answer is CARS! - Like Grand Theft Auto - but not he video game. Wells Fargo - one of the banksters in the Great Theft, are continuing their illegal theft - this time with car loans, and loan contracts. While owning a home is quite a ways off for them, owning a car is not. Well's Fargo's forced placed insu