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AYA @ The Black Family Summit

Thanks to sister  Debra Watkins  and Baba Leonard Dunstan, AYA Educational Institute was in the house @ the Powerful Black Family Summit Retreat this weekend in Baltimore. It was Blacktastic. I love being with folks who be getting things done!

The Tubman Story and Black Mental Health (Narrative Therapy?)

AYA's Harriet Tubman journey continues with another specialty class: The Tubman Story and Black Mental Health.  Wekesa Madzimoyo teaches parents, social workers, mental health professionals, and others interested in our mental health how to use story and particularly the Harriet Tubman Warrior-Healer-Builder Story to facilitate our mental healing in this online class. When: Saturday, Dec. 14th 11:30am-1:30pm Eastern Register Now! The Araminta WHB Harriet Tubman Story for Healers and Helpers: Controlling The Narrative; Controlling Our Future She led us out of physical bondage (slavery); maybe her true story can lead us out of psycho-social bondage as well. Features: *Discovering Araminta Harriet Tubman - the storyteller *Countering Injected Racials Scripts which warp her story and our stories *Shaping the intersection of our people's narratives and our personal stories for our success  This two-hour training session will use Tubman's story to