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Circle of Culture End of School Concert and Fundraiser

Help us end the school year with a bang. Help us prepare for next year and provide scholarships to families for our full-day and weekend support African-Centered educational programs.  Tickets Here: AYA doesn't only support our youth, it supports the community in a number of ways. *  Justice@Home *  Relationship Counseling *  Healing Oppressions Wounds Retreats *  Uhuru Esusu - Home-Buying Collective *  and more... Rarely do we ask. We're asking now, not because we're about to close or are over our heads in debt. We're asking so we can expand, can grow, can offer more services to more of our community at a time when our community is being squeezed. It's also the time when our community needs us the most. But you know we can take without giving. You and the community will have a wonderful time. All the way from Philly, Kala Jojo is a Black Communi