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AYA's Melanin Mastery Cohorts Forming

AYA Parents, I sent this out last Saturday. The response has been overwhelming. Here are some of the responses: Monica Utsey   I am ONE MILLION % interested!   Tasha Sharif Vanzie  ·  12 mutual friends Chati Ya Kazi  and  Sheva Quinn  have you heard about this? If not consider organizing a cohort where you are. Joyce King  ·  Friends with  Ife Jie  and  6  others Way past brilliant!!! If you are a parent of an AYA High School student, please read this carefully and we need you to participate in the cohorts that are forming. Also, please spread the word. We have 10 students enrolled in the class, and we want 10 cohorts nationally. Given the response so far, we may have to extend that!  Please plan to attend the organizational meeting on Sunday the 14th! Please talk to your Black Body Bio-Khem students about it.  Big them up . This is a national STEM academic movement and they are at the center of it! Here's the video:   Here's the web: