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HABS: Celebrating Black Families by Healing Alienation and Healing Broke... Family-Lore Project Course:  Celebrating Family  by Healing Alienation & Healing Broken Stories Family, Please join me for this family-changing course. I will personally teach each session online-live via Zoom  Conference Dates: Sat. April: 13 Orientation ( free to the public ) Sat. April 20th (official start) Sat. May: 11, 25 June: 8th FLP Conference Sat. June 22nd, June 29th Time: When:  Saturdays mornings 10:30am -12:30pm Eastern April, May & June 2019  This three-month course with personal coaching from me is usually $499.   I’ve discounted the registration fee to only $239. That’s less than $39.83 per class.  Monthly payment options are available. Why Discounted? • I’m trying to get it in before my hectic summer travel schedule starts.  •This Family-Lore and Storytelling From the Inside-Out has made a powerful, difference in my life and want others to experience that power as well.   Bonuses: In a

Happy Birthday, Didn't Make it Easy

I know that I didn't make it easy. I lived with my father and my other mother on alternate years. I was young and all I wanted was for my father and my mother - Maggie - to get back together. Now, here was this other woman, Tuessia, standing in the way. This woman who also shared the same birthday as my mom, I would one day also call mom. But not so fast, to rush it would do her and injustice. It takes a strong woman to love through a child's wish that she wasn't there. I don't ever remember being mean, but I had to have been something. If she were here to tell it, that "something" would morph into "a handful" and then some! Still, she loved my Dad and that was enough to start. As the years passed, it became clear to me that Maggie's and Cornell's separation was of their own making - and in many ways, was a blessing. My mother had never asked me to fight any battles for her anyway. Slowly, I began to let my guard down; stopped co

Happy Birthday, Don't Tell Yourself "No!"

In the early days, her life was my life. I was her "Christmas baby," and she taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to. I love myself because she loved me - unconditionally. She taught me to love life and to go get it. "Son, don't tell yourself, "'no." At least give them a chance to say that." Years ago I wrote the words below as an invitation to my mother's celebration of life ceremony held in Fayetteville, NC, they are even more appropriate now as we call to her spirit: Maggie and Cornell "Even now her smile, her light, her love continues to shine. As this year comes to a close let us remember the beauty of the eyes that taught us to see. Remember the smile that warmed us and chased our fears away. Remember the love that she showed. The love that taught us to love." Today, March 15th is the birthday of both of my mothers - both of whom have passed to the spirit realm, yet remain with me daily. That's righ