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What 100 years old looks like! Celebrating Aunt Mary Lee Geddie - Williams

This past weekend, I celebrated 100 years (1919 to 2019) of living as an African in America. Enjoy this and look for more stories that have been spawned by this visit.

Crisis: Black Teen Suicide! Are their actions mirroring our lives and leadership?

  Crisis: Black Teen Suicide! Question: Are their deaths reflecting our lives and our leadership? In response to the Congressional Black Caucus recognizing the crisis of Black youth suicide, my friend Monica Utsey (Sankofa Home School Collective in DC) called for us to get involved! ( Black Cacus ) Here's my response: Monica, keep tellin' us. Keep reminding us that we are the answer, that meaningfulness comes from our relationships to each other - real relationships. Dr. Amos N. Wilson reminds us that life is most meaningful and powerful when we have stories that create an expanded past and an expanded and meaningful future. He also said that the alienation that leads to such suicide isn't an accident. Two Wilson quotes: "We are alienated so serve aliens," and alienation is the handmaiden of oppression." Our children are reflecting our alienation and our broken stories. Far too many of us show them the empty and meaningless pursuit