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Tubman Pres & Super Weekends

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WHB Super Weekend provides 5 different ways to interact with AYA Educational Institute. It typically starts on Friday with the Araminta WHB Story. Then continues on Saturday with 4 additional segments. Some enjoy the entire 5-course meal, others select from the menu.

WHB Super Weekends:

Atlanta, GA:
Super Weekend (See above)
  • Saturday, March 4th


    Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute
    Hillside Presbyterian Church
    1879 Columbia Dr.
    Decatur, GA 30032 

Tallahassee, FL:

Feb. TBA 
Super Weekend and WHB One-Day

Dayton, OH

Feb. 24th, 25th, 2017

Washingon, DC
March,  17th, 18th 2017

SIO - Our Economic Prowess - A WHB Response to Resurging Racism
One-Day Taste -   $149.00

Location TBA 

Columbus, OH

April 8 - 9, 2017


Araminta WHB Presentations (stand alone):

Atlanta, GA

  • Wednesday, Oct. 31st 6-7:30
    Auburn Ave. Research Library, Downtown, ATL
    Sponsored by the Georgia State African American Studied Dept.

Tallahassee, FL
  • Thursday, Nov. 3rd 7-9:30 (Open to Public)
  • Friday AM (7th Annual African Psychology Conference) Presentation on the Psychology of the Araminta WHB storytelling initiative.
    Sponsored by the Psychology Dept. FAMU,



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