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A FB friend posted this question regarding “Looms:” Peace, Baba Wekesa, Hope all is well! I wanted to ask your opinion on these online susus that are occurring rapidly? My response: They are not “Susus.” Esusus, Tontines, Susu (various names) are based on community, relationships, and trust. These “Looms” are based on blind faith, not relationship-building faith. In esusus there is an agreed upon obligation and benefit. Everyone contributes a set amount per month, week, or other agreed upon interval. Each month the total pot is given to one member, then the pot rotates each week or month until everyone in the Esusu has received it. The Esusu is an agreement. The loom is a gamble. In an Esusu, collective money is rotated - not multiplied. TRUST in each other is multiplied. In a loom, money is multiplied.” Maybe your personal trust “in “abundance” and “universal flow of the universe is multiplied. Still, where does the money multiplication come from? What

Wounds From Battles We Chose Not To Fight

My friend, Chike Akua, posted this video about skin bleaching in Jamaica. Here's my response: If we want to stop the bleaching we need to actively show our power by opposing the oppression.  There's a reason AYA Educational Institute starts with "Warrior-Healer-Builder" instead of "Healer-Builder-Warrior."  Power converts!  Whoever shows power garners converts - be it religious, body type, temperament, or phenotype. When the Afro was a symbol of power and purpose, people wanted it. Blacker skin is not only perce ived as "ugly," it's associated with powerlessness.  This is just one more reason that being intelligent is not enough. Healing is not enough. Some healing will only come as we actively oppose oppression. It's not enough to build wealth. Wealth born of capitulation only lauds the power of the oppressor, and with that surrender intact, "Black is Beautiful" and "We were kings and Queens" wi