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Looking for a Language Arts Teacher for "Grandma's Hands"

AYA is looking for an innovative middle school language arts teacher to teach Grandma's Hands. I know. When you see these images, you don't think of grandma?  This is AYA. Think again.  Interested? Keep reading. See requirements below and send an email of interest and qualifications to . The situation: Our current teacher will leave us for more important work - having a child, and we're in need of someone who can step in the next 5 weeks and maybe the next semester as well. The class- Grandma's Hands - class meets twice a week, each class is 1.5 hours, and is web-conferenced-based (live video and audio), so the teacher can reside anywhere there's a good and stable internet connection. Class size 10-15. Requirements: Loves - Is - Can * Loves Afrikan self, Afrikan youth, Afrikan family and Afrikan people. * Loves Black (Afrikan and Diaspora) language arts and cultural expression - oral and written * Loves to consume and create via