Friday, June 26, 2015

Confederate Con Artist

"Mind your wants, because someone wants your mind."

Beware when your enemy offers you a gift, especially if it's been a gift you've been wanting, one that you deserve, yet one which you've not forced them to relinquish. 

Black people are not forcing the Confederate flags removal. The NAACP's 15 year boycott didn't cause it. Nor have our recent political or grassroots movements focused on the flag's removal.If you think nine more Black lives has caused White America North and South to suddenly develop moral consciousness, then you've been out in the cold too long.  Some say it's a beginning, a step. I could go along with that, if we'd forced the step. We don't have the ballots or the bullets to do so.

We're not forcing it, so it's a con. Here's why.

Particularly because the SC Massacre happened in a Black church and given how dear we hold church and the spirit, our enemy knows that this massacre has/had the potential to excite a new level of mult-generational grassroots resistance and organization with a spiritual base or spirit-inspired, and spirit-sanctioned mission. They had to do something to derail that. 

They had to give up, or seem to give up something that we wanted, deserved, and had been denied. This makes the illusion all the more a prize and renders blind our critical eye. 

C'mon, What do con artist do? They offer you something you've been wanting, thinking you deserve, but that's been just out of your reach - no not the watch, purse, phone or tablet - they offer what the expensive watch or purse symbolizes to you - importance, status, acceptance, power. Oh, and you didn't have to pay anywhere close to full price for it, either!

The reason we can be so easily moved is because of the fear of fighting and our lack of preparation for it. Our elite have promoted this lack of preparation. The lack of preparation and the belief that we can't effectively counter turns that cautious fear into what Dr. Amos N. Wilson calls paralyzing pathological anxiety. Hence, we'll go for a symbolic victory that means nothing in the current context.

Think about it. You don't talk symbols or forgiveness, when the bullets are still flying! And they are still flying! And the churches are still being burned. And our children and community are still being terrorized by the police. And our wealth is still being snactched. Prove it to yourself. Do your sons and daughter feel safe? Do you feel safe for them or for yourself in America right now? Didn't think so. The bullets that create that fear - those are the ones I'm talking about.

When the bullets are still flying you retreat or shoot back! To act like we have the luxury to debate symbols when the bullets are still flying is to delude ourselves that we are in a safer place, and that we have power (which stops us from amassing, developing and using the real power we do have). 

Downing the Confederate flags is the illusion they offer to invite our delusion to dance. Our delusion is to deny our current state of siege. Fighting is winning! Killing the straw-man either in debate, on the flag pole or on the battlefield is not winning. It's surrender under a cover of power. 

Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to expose the intellectual and media tricks of this system, and to keep ourselves and our people on the straightest path to victory.  

White Judges, White Media, White Jesus - Forgiving While the Bullets are Still Flyin'

We talk about forgiving because we've been instructed to do so by White authorities - White judges, White media, White Jesus. The same authorities guide us to direct what anger we can't suppress to the removal of the Confederate flag, instead of to the Roofs, the courts, the police, Fox new, the banks, and active racism where ever we find it.

We are to celebrate and feel powerful when an Alabama flag is lowered, although the schools-to-arrests-to-courts-to-prison-to-profits still fly high.

As per the direction of the authorities, discussions and debates about how we can and should protect ourselves from the Roofs or the police have been pushed aside.

We are to feel flag-down powerful while our appetites, habits, and money still funnel our futures to aliens who profit from our misery.

We are to feel flag-down-powerful instead of taking Denmark Vessey's example to use the church or any Black grouping for power to directly challenge oppression and to defend against other attacks.

We are to forgive, while the bullets are still flying. 

Both the supposed moral high-ground of forgiving and the pseudo flag-down power are illusions that invite our delusion to dance.

Our delusion is a denial of reality - denying our awesome power, and the redemptive power of sacrifice. It is also an exaggerating White power. If we take the racist illusions' invitation, it means that we have surrendered and that we want to hide our surrender from ourselves by seeing forgiving and flag-down as powerful victories.

Such delusion is a bonanza for Europeans because it's cheaper to take a few flags down than to deploy the national guard, cheaper to forge illusions to contain us than to forge new iron shackles. It also generate more resistance from the oppressed.

We need NOT accept the invitation to dance. Without our participation, the illusion will fade.

We are powerful beyond measure. We have a spiritual power that defies the White image containers and religious dogmatic containers. We have an intellectual power that defies narrow definitions, allowing us to create and live 7 generations back and forward. 
These powers - spiritual, intellectual, emotional strengthen our action against the evils of oppression, and reward our sacrifice.
Spirit doesn't fight for us; it strengthens us to fight, heal, and build.

They have spilled blood in Vessel's church. They have called him. He will come.

Our mothers, fathers, ancestors call to us.

Our children, whose lives are taken by the inches, cry for us to reject the illusions, and instead to fight, heal, and build for real power measured in how much of our lives we control, and how much of our future we determine.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The "Trans-racial" President? No, not Rachel Doleza, The Other One.

America doesn't have to deal with its "racist" and violent past, just its violent past, right? Somehow, if guns are controlled, then racism will also be controlled, right?  The POTUS doesn't see color very well, so he can't help us. On the rare occasions when he does, he chastises the Congressional Black Caucus, the Morehouse Men. He demands that the  Black "thugs" in Baltimore be stopped, and sends drones to his father's Kenya.

When he opens his mouth his White grandfather speaks. When he observes, his White mother and white grandmother sees. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's just taking care of us, so he doesn't incite a riot. White vigilante massacres and state-funded genocide from education to police brutality are ok, just not ANY form of Black resistance.

His White grand mother would be terrified of Black resistance, since he reports that she was chaffed at Black existence. His loving White grandfather would come to her aid, though he'd know her pathology. The grandfather would exhibit a kindler gentler form of the same pathology - racism.

The POTUS's  Black father was an abstraction. Young Barrack  didn't hear the stories of the Kenyan Mau Mau loving Afrikan life and being so dedicated to freedom from British domination, that the rule was  -"if shot or injured in battle, and if you could only get your teeth on them, you were to "naw them to death."

So, three white people sent him out to live in a world that would know him as Black. I'm not unsympathetic to the daunting personal challenge of loving people who see your father and part of you as unworthy. Just as he made allowances and cared for those racist white people who loved him at the expense of his Blackness (that was an abstraction), he's making allowances for white America at the expense of Afrikan people today. Just as child would want to reconcile fighting parents with a "why can we all just get along" look, he's asking that Afrikans and Europeans just "get along." It's a beautiful wish, and a child's delusion denying past histories and current realities.

While I can understand what may be his internal "trans-racial" struggle, wittingly or not, he is leading us to the killing fields.

For our part, we are so affirmed by his swag, his "intelligence," his Michelle, and his achieving a position of honor and White acceptance, that we have been willing to walk or even skip to those killing fields. Hundreds of years of oppression has made delusion a survival mechanism to make our surrender unconscious and our death only a matter of time.

Barrack being elected by White people as POTUS was the illusion that invited delusion to the dance, so that we'd voluntarily run to the killing fields -pushing our children ahead of us just in case we faltered on the way.

We've seen it before. Poor parishioners living vicariously off of the fumes of their pastors' 65 million dollar jets.  We shake our heads, and want to shake them to wake them up!

 I want us to wake up.

I want us to stop living vicariously off of the title - POTUS as if that has put more food in our cupboard, recouped our wealth losses,  or stopped our children from being killed by white racist violence?

Black Man or Barrack Surrender?

How can you ask Black men to stand up - risking lives and livelihoods - to fight this racism, and still laud - or should I say "lawd" - this man as an example of Black manhood that you'd want your sons to emulate and daughters to seek? If you must still support him, at least send the Mau Mau call to the little Black boy inside so that Black isn't just an abstraction.

I am sad that it's no longer a "scandal," for Black men to let them "get away with murder" when it us.

Rise in Power - Those murdered in SC.
Will it be the battle field or will we allow the POTUS' internal bi-racial, "trans-racial" struggle and our need for white approval continue to lead us to the Killing field?

Wekesa O. Madzimoyo is the director of and writes for  AYA Educational Institute. AYA researches areas of communication, conflict resolution, and the dynamics of oppression. It develops programs to implement its findings, and provides consultation and training to those wanting to address these issues.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Parents Need Therapy!

FB Query: "Can  any of you explain to me the sickness of the parents thinking that they could shield their children from RACISM by running from it!! The parents need therapy!!"

This was the response of a Facebook friend who was reacting 
to a Washington Post article  and confession by Lawrence Otis Graham (pictured with is family) entitled: "I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong".

Here's my attempt to answer my Facebook Brother's query:

My Brother, this Graham sickness - thinking that we can shield our children and ourselves from racism by running away from it is an extreme form of what most of us have been doing in one way or another. In fact, our parents have taught to do so. 
Life, Health, Strength
Ankh, Was, Djed

I agree - the Graham parents need therapy in a big way! Unfortunately, so do we all. This is not a defense of the Graham's assimilationist fantasy. It's a call for us to address similar pathology rampant in our community in smaller ways.

One way to understand this sickness is to understand the "illusion-delusion" dance. Europeans supply the illusions - the false projections that protect them and endear us to them - for example, "money and education will protect you from racism." 

Based on "injected" fears and a belief that we are inadequate to stop, defeat, or neutralize their abuse - racism, we supply the matching delusion - denying reality to buy or create an image or story that hides us from our worst nightmare, for example "acting white will protect me."  Although Graham calls it "acting elite," he forbids his children from wearing anything that Whites associate with Black people. (See video)

The illusion-delusion permutations know no bounds. They hide among assimilationist and the nationalist, the capitalist and the revolutionary, the college and the street. They are sources of phrases like - "there's no hierarchy of oppression in America," or actions like taking Glutathione for skin bleaching. The charge of "Talkin White"  is often an attempt to pry the dancers (illusion-delusion) from under the "proper English" cover. (See related article: Not Talkin' White, Idiot)

Born of the historic, horrific, overt abuse of the European invasion of Africa and the middle passage, continuing with the overt and psychological abuses of American captivity, Jim Crow, and even Obama's post-racial America, we overestimate the European threat. 

While enduring a brutality and beastiality we could never have imaged, we were also separated from our cultural power center, our ways of connecting, making meaning and telling time. 

The result is that we came to discount our power, and to see ourselves inadequate. Rev. Martin Luther King suggests that we're induced to "maximize the minimum and minimize the maximum."  "Pathological anxiety" gripped us by our throats. concludes psychologist, Dr. Amos N. Wilson. 

Over the long days and nights of brutal White oppression, survival anxiety morphed into pathological anxiety; retreat morphed into surrender, and delusion became our refuge. Now, desperate for this psychic refuge, the hellish captors could merely supply the illusions to keep us serving them without resentment or resistance. For Europeans this was a bonanza. Forging illusions was and still is cheaper than forging iron shackles. Besides, the iron and the whip had served their purposes - to affect our surrender. 

Europeans forging illusions to instigate and support pathological delusion is a strategy honed over centuries. Dr. Marimba Ani's Yurugu calls a key aspect of this strategy the "Rhetorical Ethic"- a projected value or image favorable to the oppressor is crafted to align with the the values of the oppressed or the "mark." Projections of American Justice, Democracy, Equality, Public Education, Hard Work, Individual Responsibility, etc.induces us to participate in, and even protect these - while denying the reality that the society rewards their opposites. The false projected value, "ethic," or image is a con and has only one purpose - to invite delusion to dance.

Even so, overtime our real African-selves begin to surface, and the illusions begin to lose their luster. Graham's own "I was wrong" confession is an example. The oppressor's counter: select, well placed and publicized acts of oppressive brutality and the illusions once again become attractive dance partners.

Brother, this is the brief history of the sickness you seek to understand and for which you prescribe therapy for the Gharam parents, and by extension to the rest of us.

Unfortunately, neither increased brutality, Eurocentric education or Western therapy will cure this pathology. In our current state, more brutality only generates more pathological anxiety which generated more delusion: we start anew to count the equity we have in our escapism. Therapy fails because Western "therapies" - clinical or social - seek to make us personally comfortable, "safe," and "normal" within this oppressive system.

For Western therapies, communal definitions of "self" are replaced by "the individual." Multi-generational definitions of the person have no meaning. Without these Western therapies confuse or intentionally distort "fighting and sacrifice" into "mal-adaptation and suicide."

This distortion insures that the well-intentioned therapist thwarts our real sacrifices required to fight and that likely result from fighting. Of course, my brother, as you suggest in your query, fighting oppression and sacrifice are at the core of real protection protection and healing for our families. 

If the therapist can't turn us away from our mal-adaptive and suicidal ways, the labels themselves summon the "authorities" who will drug us into compliance or arrest us as a threat to the public.

The Western therapists' professional status is provisional - based on their support of the values and norms of oppression. It is rare that they will encourage clients to cut off the hands of the status provider. Similarly, the therapist not engaged in actively fighting against this oppression can be of little use to those who must fight it for sanity. Please be clear - naming, evaluating, and categorizing, or reporting is not fighting. 

On these and many other counts, Western therapies and education are instruments of war - crippling as they pretend to heal, poisoning our trusting minds, alienating us from our way and our mission, so that we will voluntarily serve aliens with neither resentment, nor resistance. The Grahams hold themselves up as the poster family for that.

We need a therapy, education, and socialization rooted in our culture and our mission for protection, self determination, and nation-building. 

We need Warrior-Healer-Builder (WHB) therapies -  ones that start with supporting our actively opposing the people, policies, and practices that oppress us. The healing parts have to specialize in intergenerational wounds born of oppression injected into our family and community lines that continue to this day. And while supporting this fighting and healing, these therapies must help us build families, schools, institutions, businesses, defenses and offenses that support and sustain us.

Brother, given how rampant and virulent racism is, we must create groups and interpersonal relationships that are intentionally WHB relationships.These are relationships and communicative encounters with each other that help counter, neutralize, and heal the daily wounds of oppression, that honor our fighting and sacrifice, that support or building in spite of it.

How do you created these WHB Relationships? It's a tall order, and it's hard work undoing generations of warped communications and relationships. Still it's being done. Every year more and more are learning and doing.

C'mon, you're invited. Learn about it. Join the movement.

See you at the next Warriors, Healers, Builders retreat!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not Talkin' White, Idiot

I received this graphic in my inbox today. I'd seen it before. This time I was saddened that it came from two young family members, so I decided to respond:

Actually, _________, there is something as "talkin' White." I know that the charge of "talkin' white" can hurt, hence you're inclined to hurl "idiot" and imply "improper English-improper person" back at at them.
Snugly wrapped in the comfort blanket of "objective" proper-non-proper judgement, you might think you've elevated the conversation above race, right? Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. When we throw these jabs, we're doing European oppressor's work. We are hurting each other while trying to connect, avoid and defend in an oppressive relationship cesspool without preparation our tools, or as my mom would say "You're up the creek without a paddle or canoe."
Stay with me for a minute, will you? I got to set this up.
"Proper English" is really "Gerbonics"- bad German. Any language-code that is used is associated with those who use it. The more we take on the ways of White folks (elite, middle, and/or poor) by language-code, living proximity, styles, jobs, etc. the more the question will be - "are we also taking on their attitudes, views, and behavior toward the oppressed group."
It's a fair question, for historically and presently achieving close proximity to oppressors has often required that we morph from advocates for the oppressed to agents for the oppressor.
While this "morphing" may not be conscious or intended, it's impact is the same. We oppress for the oppressor even more vehemently when we can justify it with some hurt or transgression by the oppressed - like being accused of "acting White."
We speak and can speak many language codes based on our goals and desired relationships with the groups speaking the desired language code. There really is no superior language, language code or way of speaking. We've been taught/socialized by Europeans to make associations of superior or inferior intellect and worth to people who speak or don't speak the bad German language code called English.
Let me digress just a bit. For those contending that "in-group" and "out-group" is the same as superior-inferior; you're wrong. This superior-inferior paradigm is not an innate survival phenomenon housed in the amygdala or other neural substrates of the brain. This is Eurocentric pathology that has spread like a virus to become a pandemic. Want more on this? Inbox me.
This superior/inferior association makes "proper English" imply "proper person," and makes those who question it, and those who don't bow to it, or revere it being thought of as called "idiots" - as in your graphic above. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop at name calling. If Mike Brown or Eric Garner were here, they'd testify to that fact. But maybe you'll let their absence speak to you.
Next time you hear about our workshop called Healing Oppressions' Wounds or Warriors-Healers-Builders, please come. I think you'll love it and you may get better options about how to work through this communicative morass where we're trying to fight, defend, or promote European supremacy without even knowing it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An interesting experience - a tale of two homeschool open houses

An interesting experience - a tale of two homeschool open houses


This week I attended two open houses.  The experience was telling.  At the first open house, which was very well-attended, initially, I was the only African-American parent in attendance.  Everyone was warm and inviting and the class offerings looked interesting.  But I wondered to myself if the history, the literature or the math would highlight any of the African contribution? What would my children go away feeling and thinking at the end of the class? I’m sure they would learn, but where would they see themselves.  Then two other Black parents showed up.  As Black folks tend to do (or at least some of us), I tried to make eye contact so that I could greet them.  Both women went out of their way to avoid eye contact and not speak.  Nor did they acknowledge each other.  Interesting, I thought.  But upon deeper reflection, as I watched these women go and embrace others in attendance who did not look like me, I began to feel quite sad.  I wondered what in their experience made them uncomfortable with greeting someone who clearly looked like them.  Two days later, I attended an open house for a web-based, online African-Centered Homeschool program that was not well-attended.  Yet, the experience was starkly different.  I knew 3 of the people in attendance, but they did not know each other.  We shared openly about experiences related to being wounded in our educational experience.  I learned so much about what education really is – and it’s not just about finding the right class for your child.  I learned that real education brings the family closer together, it does not divide them.  Instead, it cultivates a child who deeply respects the parent and strengthens family, cultural and community bonds.  There aren’t many programs whose goal it is to not only educate, but also to heal oppression and re-build families.  After the second open house, I had a better understanding of why those women may have behaved in that way.  Could they have been wounded too? Probably so.  I feel more compassion for them now and less disdain.  I am also more firm in knowing that any and everything that I use to educate my child must be fortifying him so that when goes out into the world, he never has to question himself or try to prove himself to anyone.  He will be standing on a strong foundation.  Baba Wekesa gave a great example of what it means to be standing on a firm foundation.  He used the example of cooking.  He said that if you feel good about your cooking and you taste someone else’s food that tastes good, you can enjoy it, appreciate it, applaud it.  But it doesn’t make you question whether or not you deserve to be in the kitchen.  The same with education.  If you know your history, your contribution and you walk in it, then if you end up in a learning environment where no one looks like you, you never have to question your right to be there or compare yourself to others.  You know that it is your birthright! I did NOT feel that way growing up. My educational wounding began in 2nd grade.  I still remember their names:  Kendra Phul, Paula Coward and Susie Steinbach.  These are real names! I was Level 1 tracked and one of the few Blacks.  Naturally, all of my friends were white girls because that’s all that was in my class.  On the playground I was teased by Blacks – I thought I was white, I hung around all the white girls and I could not salute the flag (I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness).  So I got it coming and going.  Homeschooling is allowing me to heal those wounds.  I feel very different in a room of people who don’t look like me than when I was younger.  I am confident and I am self-assured.  I can truly honor and respect the culture of others while proudly affirming and serving my own.  In my humble expression, I believe that is what an education should give us.  I am really looking forward to Zion taking the Sankofa Math course and Black Body Chemistry course with AYA.  As Baba Wekesa said, it is not enough for our children to know they created the pyramids.  So what? Can they think and compute with the same precision as our ancestors? I’m going to bring it on home now (as they say in church), but it was a delightful experience to do Ethiopian multiplication alongside my sun yesterday.  For more information about AYA, visit: The 2015/2016 course descriptions will be online by July 1.

Monica Utsey
Co-founder Sankofa Homeschool Community & Sankofa Homeschool Collective

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Cherishing the Memory of My Husband

Raising and Educating African American Boys

Prayer Back In Schools?

Someone sent me this photo this morning. Nice cute photo and concept, huh? Did deeper. God back in the schools - for what, for whom? Liberation or blood sacrifice? Jump in the discussion - the water is hot!
AYA's students are not out of school yet, and are today learning about David Walker's Appeals, Henry Highland Garnet's Address to [captured Africans] Ani's "Hypocrisy as a Way of Life," and Ariminta's (Harriet Tubman's) 4 stages of spiritual development as a response to this seemingly simple and photo and message. Our Wisdom Wednesday instructor Mama Afua leads the discussion. I provided the text below in response to the photo/message to start the discussion.
Baba Wekesa:
The problem is not that God is out; it's that institutional, cultural, and personal racism is in. Talking about God is a smoke screen to hide the fact that they are created to fail us. Let's get real. Saying "the Lord's"prayer every morning will not dismantle the school to prison pipeline. Prayer from our various houses of worship has only made it grow. My mother taught that "Faith without works is dead." The KKK prayed. So, obviously we need a deeper solution. I'm not against prayer; I'm against cover-ups and deceptions. In fact I'll end with the kind of prayer I would have us pray -in school, everyday, and on Sunday: Let's now our heads. "God, damn those who oppress us. God, if you think this inappropriate because you sent me, then get behind me, Lord. Be the wind at my back, the strength behind my sword, the eyes of my arrow as I smite the evil doer. Amen"
Our sending our children to people we don't trust, for an outcome we don't like is not Godly. It actually shows a lack of faith in ourselves and in God. We surrender our children as a blood sacrifice to the oppressors - as gods

AYA's Melanin Mastery Cohorts Forming

AYA Parents, I sent this out last Saturday. The response has been overwhelming. Here are some of the responses: Monica Utsey   I am ONE...