Friday, June 26, 2015

White Judges, White Media, White Jesus - Forgiving While the Bullets are Still Flyin'

We talk about forgiving because we've been instructed to do so by White authorities - White judges, White media, White Jesus. The same authorities guide us to direct what anger we can't suppress to the removal of the Confederate flag, instead of to the Roofs, the courts, the police, Fox new, the banks, and active racism where ever we find it.

We are to celebrate and feel powerful when an Alabama flag is lowered, although the schools-to-arrests-to-courts-to-prison-to-profits still fly high.

As per the direction of the authorities, discussions and debates about how we can and should protect ourselves from the Roofs or the police have been pushed aside.

We are to feel flag-down powerful while our appetites, habits, and money still funnel our futures to aliens who profit from our misery.

We are to feel flag-down-powerful instead of taking Denmark Vessey's example to use the church or any Black grouping for power to directly challenge oppression and to defend against other attacks.

We are to forgive, while the bullets are still flying. 

Both the supposed moral high-ground of forgiving and the pseudo flag-down power are illusions that invite our delusion to dance.

Our delusion is a denial of reality - denying our awesome power, and the redemptive power of sacrifice. It is also an exaggerating White power. If we take the racist illusions' invitation, it means that we have surrendered and that we want to hide our surrender from ourselves by seeing forgiving and flag-down as powerful victories.

Such delusion is a bonanza for Europeans because it's cheaper to take a few flags down than to deploy the national guard, cheaper to forge illusions to contain us than to forge new iron shackles. It also generate more resistance from the oppressed.

We need NOT accept the invitation to dance. Without our participation, the illusion will fade.

We are powerful beyond measure. We have a spiritual power that defies the White image containers and religious dogmatic containers. We have an intellectual power that defies narrow definitions, allowing us to create and live 7 generations back and forward. 
These powers - spiritual, intellectual, emotional strengthen our action against the evils of oppression, and reward our sacrifice.
Spirit doesn't fight for us; it strengthens us to fight, heal, and build.

They have spilled blood in Vessel's church. They have called him. He will come.

Our mothers, fathers, ancestors call to us.

Our children, whose lives are taken by the inches, cry for us to reject the illusions, and instead to fight, heal, and build for real power measured in how much of our lives we control, and how much of our future we determine.