Monday, October 31, 2016

Storytellers Can't Afford "Free" Speech!

More than entertainment. Join the movement!

Harriet Tubman protected us. She came for us. Will you protect her? They are coming after her legacy. The "scholars" are picking her apart and putting her together as a wonderful woman of "faith and family." No longer will she be "the Moses" of her people." Hollywood is fast crafting her as a suffragette and American hero. No longer will she be the revolutionary.
Why protect and expand her legacy? In reality, they are coming for our children. You see, while history is about the past, it serves the present and future. Will her story serve us or those who profit from our misery? There are many ways we can't protect our children and our people - this is one way we can stand our ground.

She waded through swamps and crawled in the grass like a snake to get to us. She braved cold winters and the threat of death to get us to the next level of freedom. Will you inconvenience yourself? Come, we'll show how it's done.

This movement is not about protesting what others will do. It's about proactively thwarting what they are doing! It's about love and courage - not Araminta's - ours!
It's about controlling the narrative in our community's hearts. It's making sure her songs will lead us to freedom like her feet, pistol, shotgun and sword did in the past.

"Pay attention;" you can't afford "free" speech is a line from one of my favorite old-school "funk" groups - Parliament-Funkadelic.

There is a difference between the right to freely speak your mind, and speaking anything that comes to your mind. Our ancestors knew the power of story. They knew that the story precedes the revolution. Now, those who mean us no good have commandeered story making and story telling. Is it any wonder we can't get off the ground?

Most of what we talk freely about are the stories our oppressors have told or stories they paid us to tell for them - the game, the contest, the song, the holiday, the latest Marvel, HBO, FOX or PBS installment, blah, blah, blah.

If they pay us to speak, then our words will serve their interests first, if not exclusively.

"Pay attention; you can't afford free speech" means our words have power. Our stories have even more power. A power that we have been induced to give away. If you join this movement, the process will help you snatch that power back. You can use that power to snatch our children back, our men and women back.

There really is no such thing as "free speech." Our speech is valuable. It's our power. It's the one thing that we can control and it's the thing that we've been induced to give away.

It won't be easy. We're so accustomed to reacting - talkin' about their stories that it will feel strange and even scary at first. Yes, scary, for deep down, we too know the power of our speech, our stories. We know that to tell our own story is the internal healing and building that supports our action for real change.

The Araminta Warrior-Healer-Builder story shows one way to use our story-power. Come enjoy; then - in your own way - join this movement to control our narratives, our relationships, our lives.
Araminta Harriet Tubman was a revolutionary. Revolution means change - real change, not change orchestrated by those who oppress us. The story precedes the revolution.

See you 6PM tonight @ Auburn Ave. Research Library in Atlanta.

See you 5PM Thursday in Tallahassee, Florida.

See you 7:30 PM Thursday in Tallahassee, FL

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The Story Precedes the Revolution!

asa scholar-hilliard
Asa G. Hilliard (Nana Baffour) once said: "I sure hope they (white Americas) don't come to love Black people the way they "love" the Native Americans. He was speaking of the empty love found in the adoration of Native American things from sweat lodges to turquoise beads.
That's what I thought of when I first heard about Araminta Harriet Tubman's latest honor of being selected to grace the US $20.00 bill.
More than many others, Dr. Hilliard knew the power of story and of memory - especially group memory. As educators and parents, we too know the power of story.
GSU Oct 31st flyer Araminta WHB
Araminta WHB Story in Atlanta, GA
This Araminta Harriet Tubman Warrior-Healer-Builder presentation re-teaches us how to tell our stories from the "inside-out" not by lecturing, but by actually demonstrating it with a needed and poignant story of Harriet Tubman - a story designed to help us control her narrative!
To Asa's point, the only way that they can present to us one of our greatest warriors is that - in their minds - she poses no threat to excite the warrior in us.

Dr. Hilliard taught it as one of his Dynamics of Domination and called it "controlling group memory." Psychologist, Dr. Robert L. William's asserts that "racial scripts" have been implanted early in our socialization / miseducation.

FAMU Araminta Flyer Nov 3rd 2016
FAMU Presentation
Even if the image of Harriet Tubman is in plain view, both distorted memories and injected "scripts" prevent us from accessing the power of Araminta's image to inspire us to even attempt to do today what she did yesterday. But that's the purpose of telling stories and honoring people from the past - to inspire and direct our actions today and in the future.

So to be successful this presentation has had to meet an additional challenge - to correct distorted memories and to neutralize the negative racist scripts running in our heads, so that her image will do for us what she did for so many of our people - free us.

Note: We especially focus on the "injected scripts" in the Florida presentation for the 7th Annual Black Psychology Conference's Tribute to Dr. Robert Williams.

River of Touches Flyer - Tears
River of Touches - Healing Tallahassee
Correcting distorted memories takes more than telling the "true" story because previously distorted memories shape perception and values of how the true information is viewed, held or discarded. When identity is molded around the distorted memory the true history challenges the distorted identity and is often rejected.
This is a challenge that parents and educators face.The Araminta Warrior-Healer-Builder story has been designed to meet this challenge.
To see our attempt, attend the Oct. 31st free session at the new Auburn Ave. Research Library or at the 7th Annual African Psychology Conference @ FAMU Nov. 3rd-5th.
How successful will we be? Only time will tell.
My guess is that more than a few parents, teachers and other within your circles of influence would appreciate this Warrior-Healer-Builder infused story.
Sista on Araminta flyer
Sisters Bring Araminta Back
Bonus: Sister's in the house!
In 11 days, four students from the Araminta Warrior-Healer-Builder Certification class will take the stage and allow Araminta Harriet Tubman to come back forward in only the way sisters can! Mark your calendars. Friday, Nov. 11th 8pm @ Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute. 1789 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30032
Thank you for your continued support!
For more info on AYA, go to our website or call. 404.532.9958
Don't know why all this fuss about Araminta? Check out this short video.
Wekesa & Afiya Madzimoyo

Friday, October 14, 2016

AYA Fall Student Demonstrations - Oct 15-22 | Webinars and Face-2-Face

Saturday, October 15th 10am-1pm

AYA Students on
Dr. Amos N. Wilson
Five AYA high school students are in LEAP this year. Ndahye, Nadir, Farasha, Allie, Kefentse are the pilot group, the originators, the trail blazers. They are charged with dissecting Amos N. Wilson’s Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness text.
On Saturday, Oct. 15th they will present to you their understanding, discoveries and their experience learning so far. They will share and we will discuss what they see, what we see and the implication of their discoveries for themselves and our people.
Where: 1879 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30032 Look for Hillside Presbyterian Church and the Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute signs.
The students will also share info from one other core course and one elective of their choice.
Attend in person, if you can. Out of Town? Use the web ink or phone: 213-416-1560 - Code 2776739#. Web link is best!
Care about Dr. Amos N. Wilson’s teachings? Then come support us developing a new generation of Amos scholars.
They work hard.
Imagine if you had been exposed to Dr. Wilson in high school? Please show them that you care about their academic challenges and victories as much as their athletic ones. Applaud their deep cultural musing to guide their actions as much as their use of our culture to entertain. The seeds we water will be the seeds that grow. See you on Saturday.
kilombo logo cropped-logo
Saturday, October 15th
Local Face-2-Face Presentations
Atlanta - 1879 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30032

Mon - Thur. October 17-20th Web International Presentations 7-9:30 pm

adinkra cloth symbols
Monday & Wednesday will feature middle school students. Tuesday and Thursday will showcase our high school students. Without leaving your home, you can clap for their great effort and can guide them when they have gone astray. They are our youth, our future. Here’s where you can impact that future.
• Twi Language & Adinkra Symbols
.Sankofa Math: Apples to Ahmose
•Material Science (Chemistry)
•Form Follow Function (Architecture)
•Family - Lore Project (Family Literature)
•Following Araminta Harriet Tubman (US History 1820…)
•Chess (Tut-Ankh-Amun)
•Computer Programming
* and more…
Mon-Thur Demonstrations Only

Saturday, October 22nd Local Face-2-Face Presentations 10am-12:30 pm

african american girl computer-300x210
Come out and support students locally.
•Atlanta - 1879 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30032 @ Kilombo
•Other Areas (see below)
Locations arranged by parents. Contact us if you’re in these areas and want to attend.
Accra, Ghana Lexington, Kentucky
Cincinnati, OH Miami, FL
Long Island, NY Richmond, Virginia
•Twi Language & Adinkra symbols
-Sankofa Math: Apples to Ahmose
•Material Science (Chemistry)
•Form Follow Function (Architecture)
•Family - Lore Project (Family Literature)
•Following Araminta Harriet Tubman (US History 1820…)
•Chess (Tut-Ankh-Amun)
•Computer Programming
and more…
wekesa and afiya by mama ayo  1
Wekesa & Afiya
Thank you in advance.
We believe that students’ academic performance and proclivities are shaped by accountability to the community and support from that community. To that end every nine weeks we open up our students and our school to the Afrikan community - locally and beyond. Students are required to report to you on their learnings. You - in turn - give them both praise where earned and guidance where needed.
Wekesa & Afiya Madzimoyo,
AYA Educational
404.201.2356 (Wekesa)
404.832.9954 (Afiya)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Searching, She Said: "I Don't Get It."

Vicki, a sincere responder to a FB post, provided an impetus for my writing this morning. Maybe you know some others who don't get it. Maybe this will be helpful.

Vicki said:  "I don't get it!"

"There's over 46million Black Americans in this country. We've been fighting the, "Brick Wall", for 400 years and counting.

Institutional racism/Capitalism/ mixed with White Privilege/White supremacy/Hate. It's nothing but the devil's workshop. My biggest problem. Why do my people have to suffer? Why pick on Black and Brown people.

I think the more successful Blacks become. The bigger the price we pay as a whole. And what I don't understand. The upper tier of black society are even quicker to attack their own race just to make the white man happy. I don't get it."

Wekesa's response:

Vicki, it's very simple and very sad. We want to avoid the sadness, so we avoid the simple truth. Fear accompanies the sadness.  Injected physical and psychic brutality of yesteryear and today, and not knowing our powers - even over death - are the causes of the fear. 

What's this simple truth? Europeans have been at war with us for centuries, and we have convinced ourselves that:

  • Begging is fighting, 
  • Understanding them is stopping them, and 
  • Serving them is success. 

Now let me respond to your specific statements in turn:

#1. We've not been "fighting" the brick wall, we've been begging - and in many other ways trying to - "prove" to white people (and secretly to ourselves) that we are worthy of their respect, justice, and fair treatment based on merit. We've been trying to scale their wall of rejection as if it has merit, instead of seeing it as part of their war effort directed toward us.

Deluded, we've been trying to get into a burning house of ill repute.
Deluded, some of us have convinced ourselves that white acceptance and approval affords protection worthy of our surrender.

#2. You are right - oppression is "the devil's workshop." And the oppressors are the devils doing the work of oppressing us. While normally a term seeking clarity and critical thinking, in this case, "why" is the delusionary question.

When someone is beating on my head, I don't ask "why" they are doing it. Naturally, everything in me directs me to block and to stop their abuse - first! 

Understanding "why" they would want to hurt me is only pursued after I've secured my person. I am valuable and worthy of great treatment, so anyone treating me badly is wrong, and must be stopped. 

If anything, the only question is "how do I stop them."  The oppressor has a single answer to your "why" queries: “because we deserve it.”  Too often that same answer has been injected into our own minds. 

The "why do they oppress us" journey (before we have stopped them) reveals one or more delusions: 

a) We have stopped their abuse, they have changed their minds and we are SAFE, 
b) Knowing or naming their sickness will stop them, or 
c) We can actually "heal" them - while we're being shot down in the streets, poisoned in their hospitals, prepared for prisons in the 3rd grade.

#3. Too often alienation is the price we have to pay for this society (white media, employers, etc.) to crown us as "successful"  with money, fame, positions of relative power, success in schools, etc. 

"We are alienated to SERVE ALIENS."... Amos N. Wilson

Alienation is physical or psychic separation from our people, our culture, and our mission of amassing and using power to free ourselves from white or any other people's domination, our mission to define and control our reality, our mission of sovereignty. Put simply; white people reward us for attacking our own, reward us for supporting THEIR agenda, and punish us for supporting our own.

"Success" - in an oppressive society - is often an escapist fantasy into which we have too much equity.

Want another simple truth? Our real success comes from our ceasing looking for approval from those that oppress us, and walking, instead, our righteous walk that serves us - first. Real success comes from our stopping oppression - challenging it time and time again in both subtle and overt ways. Success also comes from expanding and deepening our connection to reality and to each other to render distinguished service to each other - first!

Real success is measured by the goals, mission and visions passed to us by our ancestors from the beginning of time.


Want to know more?

Together, we'll all "get it."

AYA's Melanin Mastery Cohorts Forming

AYA Parents, I sent this out last Saturday. The response has been overwhelming. Here are some of the responses: Monica Utsey   I am ONE...