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Looking for a Language Arts Teacher for "Grandma's Hands"

AYA is looking for an innovative middle school language arts teacher to teach Grandma's Hands.
I know. When you see these images, you don't think of grandma?  This is AYA. Think again. 
Interested? Keep reading. See requirements below and send an email of interest and qualifications to

The situation: Our current teacher will leave us for more important work - having a child, and we're in need of someone who can step in the next 5 weeks and maybe the next semester as well.
The class- Grandma's Hands - class meets twice a week, each class is 1.5 hours, and is web-conferenced-based (live video and audio), so the teacher can reside anywhere there's a good and stable internet connection. Class size 10-15.

Requirements: Loves - Is - Can * Loves Afrikan self, Afrikan youth, Afrikan family and Afrikan people.* Loves Black (Afrikan and Diaspora) language arts and cultural expression - oral and written* Loves to consume and create via the written and spoken wor…