Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black Love - Saturday Black Healing Sessions

Black Love - Black Healing Sessions

Medase, especially for all of you who attended and even “liked” the Black Love Day Dinner Celebration. It was fantastic. Photos Here!

I have two Black Love treats for you. Actually, they are two offers. One is a “Nip,” the other is a “Taste.” 

Both elixirs will lead to the kind of 360 degrees of Black Love that we’ve been celebrating - Ancestral Love, Community Love, Revolutionary Love, Building Love, Romantic Love, etc. 

The “Nip” is on the house. The “Taste” will hardly make a dent in your wallet. 

  • The “Nip” is from 10-12Noon. (Free)
  • The “Taste” is from 1pm - 6pm. (3 installments of $15 or $45)
The training will be presented live (ATL) and streamed over the web as well. 

For those in the Atlanta metro we’ll be @ 


Love is in need of love today. We’ve been wounded and re-wounded by oppression. Those wounds represent the mortal threat to real Black love and Black power. 

That’s why the media pushes the escapist “just you and me” kind of fantasy-love. It keeps our minds off the tough personal, family and organization healing work needed to form an unconditional love-foundation strong enough and flexible enough to sustain the fight, the building, the further healing we need to succeed.

Black love (unity, communication and cooperation) is sprawled out on the street convulsing from choke-holds and bleeding from the blistering barrage of 16 bullets. When not attacked from the outside, it’s also suffocating from Big Mama’s wounds passed down to protect her from Big Daddy’s misplaced anger, or his leaving never to return. 

Love is in need of love today. Deep, sustained Black love depends on Black healing - 

The “Nip”

Don’t worry; it’s non-alcoholic. Hopefully, it will become habit forming. 

On this Saturday, Wekesa Madzimoyo, AYA’s Co-Founder and others present a two-hour introduction to our Warriors-Healers-Builders (aka Healing Oppressions Wounds) process. 

It’s a nip, cause our full retreat is three days long. It’s a good nip, though. At our BLD celebrations, we can only drop tidbits from the couples. Here, we have time to answer questions or explain our Warriors-Healers-Builders process, how to use it to achieve the kind of success we see in the Black Love Day honorees. We also show how the parts work together to create a foundation for personal, relationship, leadership, and organizational success - in spite of oppression.

On Saturday, from 10am-12noon, we’ll introduce or reacquaint you to the WHB process. 

In an oppressive environment, Black Love requires that we nurture the warrior, healer, and builder in us. Black love requires that we learn how to flip from limiting to engaging. 

C’mon, take a nip. It’s on the house.

The “Taste” (WHB-Mini)

Want more than a “Nip?” Then the “Taste” is for you. Maybe you’ve heard of WHB before, and can’t wait for our next 3-day retreat on April 15-17. Maybe you’ve been inspired by our honorees from last Saturday. Whatever the reason, you want more than an introductory “Nip.”

The “Taste” - a WHB - Mini moves you from “awareness” (in your head) to integrate emotional and behavioral transformation and beginning skill-building. 

This Saturday’s mini (1pm-6pm) will feature our WHB tool combination called - The Blacknificent Seven. BN7 for short. It consists of three skills and 4 steps helping you move through those knots in personal success, relationships, communication or work. 

The Blacknificent Seven can be used anywhere, anytime. Three skills address oppression or the wounds of oppression, and four steps make us authors of our own life story.
With the “Taste” you actually “try-on” the skills and steps. With on-site coaching and practice, you’ll actually leave with things you can do to heal oppressions wounds and  build or rebuild powerful Black relationships - intimate, family, community, organizational and business.

Normally, Black Love alone would be enough. This long in the MAAFA, our love has become contaminated. Because we’re wounded, our love is often wounding. Not meaning to, we wound ourselves and others. Love’s in need of love today.

See you on Saturday.
  • The “Nip” is from 10-12Noon. (Free)
  • The “Taste” is from 1pm - 6pm. (3 installments of $15 or $45)

The training will be presented live (ATL) and streamed over the web as well. 

For those in the Atlanta metro we’ll be @ 
  • Kilombo Academic & Cultural Institute 1879 Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA 30032. Reserve your space HERE.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Community-Warrior Love

 Black Community-Warrior Love:
Come celebrate love anointed by the elders and wrapped in the service to the family, the community, our people and our cause for freedom, self-determination, and sovereignty. Sometimes “Free the Land” starts with the land that you’re living on right now!
For Community-Warrior Love we are pleased to Honor Sister, Professor, Mama, Tanya Washington. Tanya’s fight has been a local affair, yet it touches us all. Driven by her identification with and love of our community, she chose not to abandon it for personal comfort. Instead, she’s used her scholarship as a lawyer, professor and organizer to defend the homes and families in Peoplestown from government and corporate take-over.
Tanya’s example of Community-Warrior Love underscores the fact that only love birthed by active community loving (the action verb) protects and uplifts the community. By contrast, the individual “just-you-and-me” love is created by aliens and it depends on alien affirmations and material acquisitions. Such love can only serve aliens.
Tanya Washington (center) State
Senator Vincent Forte (right)
Sister Washington didn’t go for the illusion. For Tanya and for AYA, community warrior is not an abstraction. While there are gradations of a warrior’s fight - from mild to severe, they all include actively challenging three things: people, policies, and/or practices that agress upon our people.
When the city of Atlanta sought to buy and demolish homes in Atlanta’s Peoplestown community, many abandoned their homes in face of the Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s strength. Other residents resisted. Tanya Washington, an expecting mother, who also lives in the neighborhood, stood with the resisting residents.
A law professor at Georgia State University’s School of Law, she used her legal knowledge and her pregnant body to stand with the likes of 93 year old, Mattie Jackson. She spent the night with other protesters like elders Robert and Bertha Darden outside the Atlanta city hall.
While the fight is not over, there is light. Mrs. Jackson will be able to stay in her home. Come help us lift them up to continue the fight, and let’s celebrate Professor Tanya Washington for her demonstration of Community-Warrior Love.
Please share, comment below and purchase your tickets before it is too late.

Ancestral Love 2016

Ancestral Love -

Ancestral Love -
Come celebrate love kissed by the ancestors and wrapped in the service to the family, the community, our people and our war against white-supremacy, for self-determination, and sovereignty.
The Black Love Day honoree for Ancestral Love has been chosen. We are pleased to honor Sis., Dr., Mama, Nana Frances Cress Welsing. Welsing was a psychiatrist, author, activist. For many of us, her spirit and love still lives. To receive the award for her will be another sister-scholar-warrior-healer - Dr.,Mama, Elder Marimba Ani
This is what makes AYA's Black Love Day different - We celebrate 360 degrees of Black Love. We know that the romantic love you already have or that you seek to have is "alien love," unless it is kissed by the ancestors. Have you shaped a love or are you seeking a love that will withstand ancestral scrutiny and receive that vaulted ancestral kiss?
On Saturday, Nana Welsing's questions about your love will guide you.
Can't you hear her now? “We do not realize that the massive deaths of Black males constitute the genocide of Black people (as it takes Black males to make Black babies and ensure future Black generations).”
Nana Welsing's courage to say what many of us had been thinking, or dared not to think, and to back it up with her research and publications like "The Isis Papers" made us straighten our backs. She discarded the prevailing scholarly strategy of trying to "prove" our worth, intelligence, etc to white people, or of trying to refute their racist findings.
Instead, she flipped the script directing us to understand the sickness of white people: their recessive skin color, their psychological and genetic insecurities, their war on us to compensate.
While not alone in issuing this clarion call for us to join the battle, she was clear and unflinching: "the white pool ball was designed to sink what they considered the most powerful ball on the table - the black one."
Come on Feb. 13th. Help us make a welcoming place for her to enter. Bask in Nana Welsing's love for our people. Let her warrior love touch you and set your soul and your Black love on fire!
Who better a conduit for that fire and that healing touch than Sister, Dr. Mama Marimba Ani. Ani's Yurugu has been to many what the Isis Papers were to others. Her own challenge: "Is it good for Afrikan people" has also straightened backs. She and Dr. Welsing were sister-warriors and friends. We are honored that she has agreed to receive this for Nana Welsing, and to be a conduit for us on this Saturday, Feb. 13th. Please join us.
Please share this announcement and fire up the comment section. She's listening.
Venue seating is intimate and limiting, so purchase your tickets today:…

Revolutionary Love 2016

Revolutionary Love! 

Ours is a daily, yet protracted challenge. To make revolution, we need revolutionary love. Revolutionary Love nurtures warriors, nurtures healers, nurtures builders. 

Drum roll please.... the selection for the 2016 BLD Revolutionary Love award has been made. And the winning couple is - Mama Tamu Kanyama- Ann Norman and Baba Hekima Kanyama . Choosing from among deserving couples was a labor of love. We hope that you'll come out to celebrate and be inspired by this couple's revolutionary love. Here's just a snippet.

This Revolutionary Love couple has been married for 46 years. While they were attracted to each other physically, what makes their love revolutionary is that it was built on their love for our people and their determination to make social change - revolutionary change for our people - in their life times. They each came to the relationship with that fire. It is that flame that attracted them most. They also came with their differences. Ironically, it is those difference that contributed to their making Revolutionary Love. How could that be? Most people only want to focus on what they have in common. Nah, this couple loved the differences! They appreciated the differences and used them to compliment each others strengths and weakness, habits and proclivities.

Let me start with Mama Tamu Kanyama- Ann Norman because her work is less well known. Not just because she's the wind beneath Baba Hekima's wings, because she's been a revolutionary in her own right. Her work has been quieter because she worked behind enemy lines. Now retired, she labored as an Afrikan-Centered teacher in the public school system for over 30 years. She's still doing revolutionary work.

Baba Hekima has paid his dues and then some. Come here more about it on Feb. 13th at Black-Love-Day 2016. He crafted and together they have shepherded the African Community Centers For Unity and Self Development since 2013. (See link below). Spawned from that community organization is a powerful economic development initiative called "Us Lifting Us." (2011) (See Link Below)

It is their revolutionary work that has centered their love, and their love has cemented their revolutionary work. Come and show your love for the
Revolutionary Love Award Winners for BLD 2016!

Long Love 2016

Long Love!
The wait is over. I’m so pleased to be able to announce for the AYA Black Love Day committee the Long Love Honorees for 2016. Long Love .. . Long Love is seasoned love. Long love is made new over and over again. As each person grows, the love grows. As each one in the couple discovers deeper parts of themselves, the love deepens. As the challenges of life make us discover or develop anew, the love becomes renewed.

Time and the trials and tribulations of life make LONG LOVE sweet love.

And the honorees are: Baba Jihad and Mama Sakinah Abdullah. Revolutionaries and Muslims since high school, their love has been a journey and a blessing to our communities - Atlanta, GA, Miami Florida, Syracuse, NY and points in between. They are still active. But you want to know about their love, right?
How long? Baba Jihad says ... "I say her wearing this red dress. “She was in the 6th grade! She captured my heart; then, disappeared from site." He looked for her, asked everybody, even knocked on doors. It was no use; she was gone. Gone from site, but not from his heart. It took some time, but he finally found the one who held his heart. Now, in the 8th grade she says: “He just kept pestering me; then somehow he got my phone number. After those conversations, my resistance melted into our love.”
Of course everyone has a Junior High school love. Yes, I know they call it middle school now, but we’re talking about back when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's Message to the Black Man was touching
minds, when both the Panthers and Karenga’s US organization was just forming chapters in Syracuse NY. Most of our 6th grade infatuations and blinding 8th grade loves don’t make it past high school. How did their’s make it? Well, you’ll have to come to Black Love Day (BLD) to get the real skinny, and I can reveal a couple of things.

Jihad: “Her parents (who were very strict) didn’t want me to date her while I was openly involved in the Black liberation movement. When I started to come over, I made it my business to get to know and earn the respect of her father. If he said, “Let’s go to the track,”we went to the track." I wasn’t much into watching sports until he wanted to watch sports. Sakinah likewise became his mother’s 6th daughter. Our families were joined even before we were married."
It’s a good thing too. "When the police were searching for me because of my alleged involvement in what they deemed a riot or rebellion, I couldn’t go home because I knew they’d be watching it. I went to Sakinah's until I could get transport out of town."

He couldn’t have gone further south. He had to lay low in Miami for 14 months. This and some unexpected discoveries put the first real strain on their young love. Jahid: "I had my boys keep an eye out on here." “Yes", says Sakinah, "If anybody tried to talk to me, there they were - all up in it." At about the llth month mark, said Jihad: I got my 'Dear, John' letter.”

Obviously, they got over that hurdle, but it wasnt’ easy. The way he did it, and the way they did it, spawned a new love - the one we’re celebrating next week.

Join them to hear the rest of the story. I was surprised, elated, and learned a move or two from both of them. You will too. Lone love is a growing love, a renewing love, a replenishing love.

Come celebrate Baba Jihad, and Mama Sakinah’s Long Love that has nurtured our liberation movement, our black business movement, our Spiritual movements.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Building Love - Honoring Cashawn and Shevon.

Building Love.

Most of you know that AYA's answer to oppression is to nurture the Warrior, Healer, & Builder in us all. Of the three, too often the builders in us and in our community get slighted. Revolutionary Building is often quiet work. So, I want you to help us make some noise and lift up AYA's Black Love Day 2016 Building Love Honorees - Mama Shevon and Baba Cashawn Myers.

When working on the foundation, it's often below ground and can't be seen by passers-by. Movies are made about the defining battle or the healer who snatches life from the jaws of death. The builder drops a small seed in the ground, or in the mind of a student. Not so dramatic, right? When the organizer puts up one more sign or passes out one more flyer, it's so hum-drum. Where's the drama, the conflict, the action? When we think of the Panthers, we seldom think of them feeding our children.

Our honorees have been instrumental in building HABESHA in Atlanta, Baltimore, and in Ghana. Since 2004, HABESHA has taken over 100 youth and adults to Ghana as a part of their  Black To Our Roots program. They built their relationship to build for our people. On Feb. 13th, that's what we honor and dance to.

Shevon & Cashawn Meyers @ BLD 2014
If when working to build her business the builder uses bill money to make payroll, the employees often don't know. What happened is what was supposed to happen - they got paid.  That family builder who organizes the family reunions, creating the perfect teams to maximize success and avoid conflict is often in the background. The builders - teachers, gardeners, architects, entrepreneurs, family builders are largely taken for granted. Hollywood has distorted our vision.

It takes a special love, their Building Love, to see through muddy water, and to see how to build The Kweko Andou Sustainability Institute in Ghana, W.Africa.

Where's the villain? The damsel in distress? The s/hero? Eyes trained by Madison Ave. will miss them. The builder's drama is too complicated, too real. The same sun is at once the savior, the villain and the savior again. That seed dropped into the earth sacrifices itself for greater life. It has all the excitement of the Creation story - wrought with all the possibilities for failure and success as the life of man and woman. Cashawn and Shevon have sacrificed themselves  -- their love which is greater than either individually. Our community consumes the fruit of their love.

Aching knees, neglected family, sacrifice and risk are all there in the builders story; so too is the long vision and the long faith that seeds well planted will produce. It is the same long faith required of true warriors and healers.

Placing that cornerstone - garnered only from meager materials the builder could afford - is like placing the capstone on the Pyramid at Giza. They can see the future from a single stone.

For the teacher who sacrificed so that one more group of students could kiss the soil of our mother land, their kisses are like ancestors - returned. When our people pool their monies to buy one more home or piece of land - free and clear, the organizer might as well be standing under that cascading water falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Come experience the cascading joy of Building Love.

I'm not hating on warriors and healers. We need them all;  in fact, we need to be them all - in turn. I am saying we need to shed the oppressor's eyes to see through the builder's eyes to hear what a builder hears, and feel what a builder feels. We need to give the builders some.

If our families are tattered or estranged, for whom will we fight? If we cannot feed, clothe and educate ourselves, how will we replenish the ranks. If we have no land, where will we take refuge? Revolutionary builders are key to winning a sustained protracted struggle.

Come to the 4th Annual Black Love Day Dinner Celebration and honor the Myers' Building Love. Watch out, some may spill off on you.

AYA's Melanin Mastery Cohorts Forming

AYA Parents, I sent this out last Saturday. The response has been overwhelming. Here are some of the responses: Monica Utsey   I am ONE...