Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ancestral Love 2016

Ancestral Love -

Ancestral Love -
Come celebrate love kissed by the ancestors and wrapped in the service to the family, the community, our people and our war against white-supremacy, for self-determination, and sovereignty.
The Black Love Day honoree for Ancestral Love has been chosen. We are pleased to honor Sis., Dr., Mama, Nana Frances Cress Welsing. Welsing was a psychiatrist, author, activist. For many of us, her spirit and love still lives. To receive the award for her will be another sister-scholar-warrior-healer - Dr.,Mama, Elder Marimba Ani
This is what makes AYA's Black Love Day different - We celebrate 360 degrees of Black Love. We know that the romantic love you already have or that you seek to have is "alien love," unless it is kissed by the ancestors. Have you shaped a love or are you seeking a love that will withstand ancestral scrutiny and receive that vaulted ancestral kiss?
On Saturday, Nana Welsing's questions about your love will guide you.
Can't you hear her now? “We do not realize that the massive deaths of Black males constitute the genocide of Black people (as it takes Black males to make Black babies and ensure future Black generations).”
Nana Welsing's courage to say what many of us had been thinking, or dared not to think, and to back it up with her research and publications like "The Isis Papers" made us straighten our backs. She discarded the prevailing scholarly strategy of trying to "prove" our worth, intelligence, etc to white people, or of trying to refute their racist findings.
Instead, she flipped the script directing us to understand the sickness of white people: their recessive skin color, their psychological and genetic insecurities, their war on us to compensate.
While not alone in issuing this clarion call for us to join the battle, she was clear and unflinching: "the white pool ball was designed to sink what they considered the most powerful ball on the table - the black one."
Come on Feb. 13th. Help us make a welcoming place for her to enter. Bask in Nana Welsing's love for our people. Let her warrior love touch you and set your soul and your Black love on fire!
Who better a conduit for that fire and that healing touch than Sister, Dr. Mama Marimba Ani. Ani's Yurugu has been to many what the Isis Papers were to others. Her own challenge: "Is it good for Afrikan people" has also straightened backs. She and Dr. Welsing were sister-warriors and friends. We are honored that she has agreed to receive this for Nana Welsing, and to be a conduit for us on this Saturday, Feb. 13th. Please join us.
Please share this announcement and fire up the comment section. She's listening.
Venue seating is intimate and limiting, so purchase your tickets today: