Monday, July 31, 2017

Central Ohio - Countering Injected Racial Scripts / River of Touches

Central Ohio, we're coming for you! 

Countering Injected Racial Scripts (CIRS) and The River of Touches - A WHB One-Day Skill Building leadership and personal development training will be held on August 11th and 12th in Columbus, OH at the Millennium School. See Flyer!
The 11th: Injected racial scripts are a kind of social hypnosis. CIRS identifies 4 powerful scripts and gives you the tools, the steps, the recipe to GET OUT from under their spells!
Community organizers, parents, grandparents, teachers, storytellers - those who work to lift our children and our people - this session is for you.
The scripts confound your great work. They turn your empowerment stories and efforts into limiting stories and efforts. Without knowing it, they induce us to turn our own power against us. Wonder why our efforts so often fall short? It's the scripts - the social hypnosis. GET OUT. This session is free!
The 12th: RVT - The River of Touches (RVT) is not a speech, not a sermon, not a motivational - make me feel good until I get home - kind of presentation. This River of Touches (RVT) is leadership training for those ALREADY MOTIVATED and who want to be more successful working with and for Afrikan people.
RVT is NOT for those who ONLY want to be around "positive" people.
RVT is NOT for talkers who do not act. It's also not for actors who don't think and feel.
RVT is NOT for those who only want to label or to describe our sickness born of oppression in minute detail.
RVT is NOT for those who look to white people for solutions to the problem that white people have created and maintain in our community.
RVT IS FOR THOSE who have been or want to build and work with and for our people - from where we are - to lift us to where we can go. It's for those who want to learn how to be more successful doing so!
It is for those who realize that - even with our woundedness - we are all that we have, and that WE ARE ENOUGH!
RVT cost $149.00. It's reduced for this time only to $99.00 Space is limited. Lock in your space now.

AYA's Melanin Mastery Cohorts Forming

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