Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Revolutionary Love 2016

Revolutionary Love! 

Ours is a daily, yet protracted challenge. To make revolution, we need revolutionary love. Revolutionary Love nurtures warriors, nurtures healers, nurtures builders. 

Drum roll please.... the selection for the 2016 BLD Revolutionary Love award has been made. And the winning couple is - Mama Tamu Kanyama- Ann Norman and Baba Hekima Kanyama . Choosing from among deserving couples was a labor of love. We hope that you'll come out to celebrate and be inspired by this couple's revolutionary love. Here's just a snippet.

This Revolutionary Love couple has been married for 46 years. While they were attracted to each other physically, what makes their love revolutionary is that it was built on their love for our people and their determination to make social change - revolutionary change for our people - in their life times. They each came to the relationship with that fire. It is that flame that attracted them most. They also came with their differences. Ironically, it is those difference that contributed to their making Revolutionary Love. How could that be? Most people only want to focus on what they have in common. Nah, this couple loved the differences! They appreciated the differences and used them to compliment each others strengths and weakness, habits and proclivities.

Let me start with Mama Tamu Kanyama- Ann Norman because her work is less well known. Not just because she's the wind beneath Baba Hekima's wings, because she's been a revolutionary in her own right. Her work has been quieter because she worked behind enemy lines. Now retired, she labored as an Afrikan-Centered teacher in the public school system for over 30 years. She's still doing revolutionary work.

Baba Hekima has paid his dues and then some. Come here more about it on Feb. 13th at Black-Love-Day 2016. He crafted and together they have shepherded the African Community Centers For Unity and Self Development since 2013. (See link below). Spawned from that community organization is a powerful economic development initiative called "Us Lifting Us." (2011) (See Link Below)

It is their revolutionary work that has centered their love, and their love has cemented their revolutionary work. Come and show your love for the
Revolutionary Love Award Winners for BLD 2016!