Friday, October 14, 2016

AYA Fall Student Demonstrations - Oct 15-22 | Webinars and Face-2-Face

Saturday, October 15th 10am-1pm

AYA Students on
Dr. Amos N. Wilson
Five AYA high school students are in LEAP this year. Ndahye, Nadir, Farasha, Allie, Kefentse are the pilot group, the originators, the trail blazers. They are charged with dissecting Amos N. Wilson’s Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness text.
On Saturday, Oct. 15th they will present to you their understanding, discoveries and their experience learning so far. They will share and we will discuss what they see, what we see and the implication of their discoveries for themselves and our people.
Where: 1879 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30032 Look for Hillside Presbyterian Church and the Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute signs.
The students will also share info from one other core course and one elective of their choice.
Attend in person, if you can. Out of Town? Use the web ink or phone: 213-416-1560 - Code 2776739#. Web link is best!
Care about Dr. Amos N. Wilson’s teachings? Then come support us developing a new generation of Amos scholars.
They work hard.
Imagine if you had been exposed to Dr. Wilson in high school? Please show them that you care about their academic challenges and victories as much as their athletic ones. Applaud their deep cultural musing to guide their actions as much as their use of our culture to entertain. The seeds we water will be the seeds that grow. See you on Saturday.
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Saturday, October 15th
Local Face-2-Face Presentations
Atlanta - 1879 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30032

Mon - Thur. October 17-20th Web International Presentations 7-9:30 pm

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Monday & Wednesday will feature middle school students. Tuesday and Thursday will showcase our high school students. Without leaving your home, you can clap for their great effort and can guide them when they have gone astray. They are our youth, our future. Here’s where you can impact that future.
• Twi Language & Adinkra Symbols
.Sankofa Math: Apples to Ahmose
•Material Science (Chemistry)
•Form Follow Function (Architecture)
•Family - Lore Project (Family Literature)
•Following Araminta Harriet Tubman (US History 1820…)
•Chess (Tut-Ankh-Amun)
•Computer Programming
* and more…
Mon-Thur Demonstrations Only

Saturday, October 22nd Local Face-2-Face Presentations 10am-12:30 pm

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Come out and support students locally.
•Atlanta - 1879 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30032 @ Kilombo
•Other Areas (see below)
Locations arranged by parents. Contact us if you’re in these areas and want to attend.
Accra, Ghana Lexington, Kentucky
Cincinnati, OH Miami, FL
Long Island, NY Richmond, Virginia
•Twi Language & Adinkra symbols
-Sankofa Math: Apples to Ahmose
•Material Science (Chemistry)
•Form Follow Function (Architecture)
•Family - Lore Project (Family Literature)
•Following Araminta Harriet Tubman (US History 1820…)
•Chess (Tut-Ankh-Amun)
•Computer Programming
and more…
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Wekesa & Afiya
Thank you in advance.
We believe that students’ academic performance and proclivities are shaped by accountability to the community and support from that community. To that end every nine weeks we open up our students and our school to the Afrikan community - locally and beyond. Students are required to report to you on their learnings. You - in turn - give them both praise where earned and guidance where needed.
Wekesa & Afiya Madzimoyo,
AYA Educational
404.201.2356 (Wekesa)
404.832.9954 (Afiya)