Monday, October 31, 2016

Storytellers Can't Afford "Free" Speech!

More than entertainment. Join the movement!

Harriet Tubman protected us. She came for us. Will you protect her? They are coming after her legacy. The "scholars" are picking her apart and putting her together as a wonderful woman of "faith and family." No longer will she be "the Moses" of her people." Hollywood is fast crafting her as a suffragette and American hero. No longer will she be the revolutionary.
Why protect and expand her legacy? In reality, they are coming for our children. You see, while history is about the past, it serves the present and future. Will her story serve us or those who profit from our misery? There are many ways we can't protect our children and our people - this is one way we can stand our ground.

She waded through swamps and crawled in the grass like a snake to get to us. She braved cold winters and the threat of death to get us to the next level of freedom. Will you inconvenience yourself? Come, we'll show how it's done.

This movement is not about protesting what others will do. It's about proactively thwarting what they are doing! It's about love and courage - not Araminta's - ours!
It's about controlling the narrative in our community's hearts. It's making sure her songs will lead us to freedom like her feet, pistol, shotgun and sword did in the past.

"Pay attention;" you can't afford "free" speech is a line from one of my favorite old-school "funk" groups - Parliament-Funkadelic.

There is a difference between the right to freely speak your mind, and speaking anything that comes to your mind. Our ancestors knew the power of story. They knew that the story precedes the revolution. Now, those who mean us no good have commandeered story making and story telling. Is it any wonder we can't get off the ground?

Most of what we talk freely about are the stories our oppressors have told or stories they paid us to tell for them - the game, the contest, the song, the holiday, the latest Marvel, HBO, FOX or PBS installment, blah, blah, blah.

If they pay us to speak, then our words will serve their interests first, if not exclusively.

"Pay attention; you can't afford free speech" means our words have power. Our stories have even more power. A power that we have been induced to give away. If you join this movement, the process will help you snatch that power back. You can use that power to snatch our children back, our men and women back.

There really is no such thing as "free speech." Our speech is valuable. It's our power. It's the one thing that we can control and it's the thing that we've been induced to give away.

It won't be easy. We're so accustomed to reacting - talkin' about their stories that it will feel strange and even scary at first. Yes, scary, for deep down, we too know the power of our speech, our stories. We know that to tell our own story is the internal healing and building that supports our action for real change.

The Araminta Warrior-Healer-Builder story shows one way to use our story-power. Come enjoy; then - in your own way - join this movement to control our narratives, our relationships, our lives.
Araminta Harriet Tubman was a revolutionary. Revolution means change - real change, not change orchestrated by those who oppress us. The story precedes the revolution.

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