Thursday, October 13, 2016

Searching, She Said: "I Don't Get It."

Vicki, a sincere responder to a FB post, provided an impetus for my writing this morning. Maybe you know some others who don't get it. Maybe this will be helpful.

Vicki said:  "I don't get it!"

"There's over 46million Black Americans in this country. We've been fighting the, "Brick Wall", for 400 years and counting.

Institutional racism/Capitalism/ mixed with White Privilege/White supremacy/Hate. It's nothing but the devil's workshop. My biggest problem. Why do my people have to suffer? Why pick on Black and Brown people.

I think the more successful Blacks become. The bigger the price we pay as a whole. And what I don't understand. The upper tier of black society are even quicker to attack their own race just to make the white man happy. I don't get it."

Wekesa's response:

Vicki, it's very simple and very sad. We want to avoid the sadness, so we avoid the simple truth. Fear accompanies the sadness.  Injected physical and psychic brutality of yesteryear and today, and not knowing our powers - even over death - are the causes of the fear. 

What's this simple truth? Europeans have been at war with us for centuries, and we have convinced ourselves that:

  • Begging is fighting, 
  • Understanding them is stopping them, and 
  • Serving them is success. 

Now let me respond to your specific statements in turn:

#1. We've not been "fighting" the brick wall, we've been begging - and in many other ways trying to - "prove" to white people (and secretly to ourselves) that we are worthy of their respect, justice, and fair treatment based on merit. We've been trying to scale their wall of rejection as if it has merit, instead of seeing it as part of their war effort directed toward us.

Deluded, we've been trying to get into a burning house of ill repute.
Deluded, some of us have convinced ourselves that white acceptance and approval affords protection worthy of our surrender.

#2. You are right - oppression is "the devil's workshop." And the oppressors are the devils doing the work of oppressing us. While normally a term seeking clarity and critical thinking, in this case, "why" is the delusionary question.

When someone is beating on my head, I don't ask "why" they are doing it. Naturally, everything in me directs me to block and to stop their abuse - first! 

Understanding "why" they would want to hurt me is only pursued after I've secured my person. I am valuable and worthy of great treatment, so anyone treating me badly is wrong, and must be stopped. 

If anything, the only question is "how do I stop them."  The oppressor has a single answer to your "why" queries: “because we deserve it.”  Too often that same answer has been injected into our own minds. 

The "why do they oppress us" journey (before we have stopped them) reveals one or more delusions: 

a) We have stopped their abuse, they have changed their minds and we are SAFE, 
b) Knowing or naming their sickness will stop them, or 
c) We can actually "heal" them - while we're being shot down in the streets, poisoned in their hospitals, prepared for prisons in the 3rd grade.

#3. Too often alienation is the price we have to pay for this society (white media, employers, etc.) to crown us as "successful"  with money, fame, positions of relative power, success in schools, etc. 

"We are alienated to SERVE ALIENS."... Amos N. Wilson

Alienation is physical or psychic separation from our people, our culture, and our mission of amassing and using power to free ourselves from white or any other people's domination, our mission to define and control our reality, our mission of sovereignty. Put simply; white people reward us for attacking our own, reward us for supporting THEIR agenda, and punish us for supporting our own.

"Success" - in an oppressive society - is often an escapist fantasy into which we have too much equity.

Want another simple truth? Our real success comes from our ceasing looking for approval from those that oppress us, and walking, instead, our righteous walk that serves us - first. Real success comes from our stopping oppression - challenging it time and time again in both subtle and overt ways. Success also comes from expanding and deepening our connection to reality and to each other to render distinguished service to each other - first!

Real success is measured by the goals, mission and visions passed to us by our ancestors from the beginning of time.


Want to know more?

Together, we'll all "get it."