Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Prayer Back In Schools?

Someone sent me this photo this morning. Nice cute photo and concept, huh? Did deeper. God back in the schools - for what, for whom? Liberation or blood sacrifice? Jump in the discussion - the water is hot!
AYA's students are not out of school yet, and are today learning about David Walker's Appeals, Henry Highland Garnet's Address to [captured Africans] Ani's "Hypocrisy as a Way of Life," and Ariminta's (Harriet Tubman's) 4 stages of spiritual development as a response to this seemingly simple and photo and message. Our Wisdom Wednesday instructor Mama Afua leads the discussion. I provided the text below in response to the photo/message to start the discussion.
Baba Wekesa:
The problem is not that God is out; it's that institutional, cultural, and personal racism is in. Talking about God is a smoke screen to hide the fact that they are created to fail us. Let's get real. Saying "the Lord's"prayer every morning will not dismantle the school to prison pipeline. Prayer from our various houses of worship has only made it grow. My mother taught that "Faith without works is dead." The KKK prayed. So, obviously we need a deeper solution. I'm not against prayer; I'm against cover-ups and deceptions. In fact I'll end with the kind of prayer I would have us pray -in school, everyday, and on Sunday: Let's now our heads. "God, damn those who oppress us. God, if you think this inappropriate because you sent me, then get behind me, Lord. Be the wind at my back, the strength behind my sword, the eyes of my arrow as I smite the evil doer. Amen"
Our sending our children to people we don't trust, for an outcome we don't like is not Godly. It actually shows a lack of faith in ourselves and in God. We surrender our children as a blood sacrifice to the oppressors - as gods