Friday, June 26, 2015

Confederate Con Artist

"Mind your wants, because someone wants your mind."

Beware when your enemy offers you a gift, especially if it's been a gift you've been wanting, one that you deserve, yet one which you've not forced them to relinquish. 

Black people are not forcing the Confederate flags removal. The NAACP's 15 year boycott didn't cause it. Nor have our recent political or grassroots movements focused on the flag's removal.If you think nine more Black lives has caused White America North and South to suddenly develop moral consciousness, then you've been out in the cold too long.  Some say it's a beginning, a step. I could go along with that, if we'd forced the step. We don't have the ballots or the bullets to do so.

We're not forcing it, so it's a con. Here's why.

Particularly because the SC Massacre happened in a Black church and given how dear we hold church and the spirit, our enemy knows that this massacre has/had the potential to excite a new level of mult-generational grassroots resistance and organization with a spiritual base or spirit-inspired, and spirit-sanctioned mission. They had to do something to derail that. 

They had to give up, or seem to give up something that we wanted, deserved, and had been denied. This makes the illusion all the more a prize and renders blind our critical eye. 

C'mon, What do con artist do? They offer you something you've been wanting, thinking you deserve, but that's been just out of your reach - no not the watch, purse, phone or tablet - they offer what the expensive watch or purse symbolizes to you - importance, status, acceptance, power. Oh, and you didn't have to pay anywhere close to full price for it, either!

The reason we can be so easily moved is because of the fear of fighting and our lack of preparation for it. Our elite have promoted this lack of preparation. The lack of preparation and the belief that we can't effectively counter turns that cautious fear into what Dr. Amos N. Wilson calls paralyzing pathological anxiety. Hence, we'll go for a symbolic victory that means nothing in the current context.

Think about it. You don't talk symbols or forgiveness, when the bullets are still flying! And they are still flying! And the churches are still being burned. And our children and community are still being terrorized by the police. And our wealth is still being snactched. Prove it to yourself. Do your sons and daughter feel safe? Do you feel safe for them or for yourself in America right now? Didn't think so. The bullets that create that fear - those are the ones I'm talking about.

When the bullets are still flying you retreat or shoot back! To act like we have the luxury to debate symbols when the bullets are still flying is to delude ourselves that we are in a safer place, and that we have power (which stops us from amassing, developing and using the real power we do have). 

Downing the Confederate flags is the illusion they offer to invite our delusion to dance. Our delusion is to deny our current state of siege. Fighting is winning! Killing the straw-man either in debate, on the flag pole or on the battlefield is not winning. It's surrender under a cover of power. 

Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to expose the intellectual and media tricks of this system, and to keep ourselves and our people on the straightest path to victory.