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Black Love Day 2020 Community Warrior-Healer-Builder Honoree - Derrick Boazman!

Our third Black Community Warrior-Healer-Builder honoree is my friend and brother - Derrick “Too Much Truth” Boazman.

Personally, I don’t know of a man that loves the Black community more than Brother Derrick Boazman. His love is strong; it’s wide; it’s deep. It’s deeper than his years – flowing to him from his mother and father and from those in our struggle who came before. He’s a native Atlantan born and reared on Atlanta’s Southside – where he still resides. I start his warrior-tribute by talking about his love because it is his love for us that fuels his fight for us – especially for “the least of these.” His love for us as an extension of the love family and community showered upon him is exactly what makes him the consummate warrior-healer-builder? Join us to Simba Simbi: Hold up those who hold us up! Thursday, Feb. 13th 7pm for our 8th annual Black Love Day Dinner Celebration. As swift as is his sword at our enemy’s throats is his compassion and giving to those in need. Some warriors-in-training may shout at this racist system – “speaking truth to power.” Brother Bozeman is a seasoned warrior of many battles over many years. He was elected to the Atlanta City Council in 1997; then again in 2001. He doesn’t just speak truth to power he organizes us for battle to remove people from power over us. For AYA, Warrior means actively challenging people, policies, and practices that oppress and aggress upon our people. Derrick: he’s been jailed challenging injustice too many to count. While for some, going to jail is their claim to fame; for Derrick, that’s just a measure of his commitment and willingness to lead by example, to put his life and career on the line. His claim to fame is winning! He’s a man of action. He’s as philosophical and spiritual as Revered Martin Luther King and as “by any means necessary” as Malcolm X. Boazman is President and CEO of Facilitation Strategies, Inc. He’s a political science graduate from the historic Morris Brown College. He’s a Civil Rights movement organizer who has not traded his pedigree for laurels. Times are too perilous for that. While he’s expanded his reach nationally and internationally, he’s never left his community. Every day his WAOK radio program “Too Much Truth” is both a voice and a vehicle for the people. Many know him in many ways. I know him best as a man among men and the Convener of Let Us Make Man – Black men dedicated to working together across various lines to lift Black men and our community from the cradle to the grave. His awards are too long to recite here. He wouldn’t want me to mention them anyway. He’d want you to know what good-fight for our people you can get into today. If you want to know that, and if you want this brother to feel your love for his demonstrated love, join us on Feb 13th for our 8th annual Black Love Day Dinner Celebration. Comment + Share
2626 Delowe Dr. East Point, Ga 30344 Tickets:


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