Wednesday, August 8, 2018

AYA Launches its Preparatory Academy to Serve 8 - 10 Year-Olds

Over the years I invariably got the question, "Can we try our 9-year-old in AYA?"  Most often those nine-year-olds have been ready for AYA's regular middle school section.  Especially with AYA's formula of high nurturance and high expectation, the nine-years olds stepped up and did us all proud.

From time to time our nine-year-olds need a little more support than they can easily get in the middle school section.  At AYA, the teacher is always teaching via live instruction.  They also can use more time getting acclimated to a web-based instruction program. In the AYA Preparatory Academy, they can get a little more direction and support.

If you have that eight to ten-year-old that could benefit from an African-centered, rigorous, nurturing and supportive educational environment, please reach out to us today.

Fortunately, we can offer you a free trial of a day to see how he/she does.  We also can start students out in our regular middle school section and take them to the AYA Preparatory side, if more support is needed.

If you would like to explore more, schedule to speak with Afiya today. 404-532-9958;

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