Saturday, December 2, 2017

"Get Out" A Comedy? A Tragedy?

Don't you get it? It's comedy to them - tragic comedy. So are we. It can't be a horror film, they hypnotize us to believe ourselves powerless to serve our own interest and only to serve them daily. What's horrible about that?
One got away, this time. So what?
From their perspective, the doctor's Frankenstein-like efforts are laughable when the vehicle of story and the very viewing medium (movies, media, etc.) generate far less resistance and often garner voluntary life-long commitments to servitude from Black bodies and Black brains.
For survival and physical prowess, dipping into the more African gene pool is a far more elegant solution than messy neurological transplants. See the classic movie "Rabbit-Proof Fence" or view Serena's wedding!
Black, loud, race-conscious, father Richard is gone. See image in comments. Resistance is gone. Retreat has devolved into surrender.
The brains and the brawn of the next generation will be used in service of white aspirations, fears, and their compensatory dominating agenda. A blacker body controlled by a white mindset is running faster, swinging harder, living longer - just like in the movie only with less blood and the nasty side effects of physical brain surgery. Identity surgery is cleaner.
In this light, the surgeon/father's actions are clunky and laughable and given our care about how whites label, award, reward the movie, so are our efforts to GET OUT!
The sound of the spoon in the teacup is the sound of their approval. 
Tragedy for us.
Comedy for them.
Ha, Ha, Ha.

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