Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Healing Love in the Raw

What does is mean to have a love that heals and a love of healing? What is it to love healing our people in a society which profits from making us sick? What does it take to transform that love from a dream to a "dream come true" for decades? You’ll have to ask our Healing Love Honorees for 2017 - Quinne Cook-Richardson and William E. Richardson, MD.

Their love is like their diet and their lifestyle – organic. It is derived from the living spirit that each brings to the marriage of 26 years. Like all living things, their love has grown. Like organic fruits and vegetables, they came to the marriage table with perfect imperfections.

“William's imperfections caused me to find my own joy." Explaining more Quinnie said,

“My husband isn't perfect. He is human. At first, I expected him to make me happy, then I learned through our trials and tribulations that no one can make you happy. I was used to basing my happiness on outside experiences. My husband helped me to find a joy which I control.”

Quinnie seeks to spread that joy via “Innerwork: A Retreat For Women” that invigorates the mind, body, and spirit. She also plans to assist more women who desire to have an unmedicated childbirth.

Through their healing practice American Clinics for Preventive Medicine (ACPM), William- the Medical Director -  has helped countless people find relief from the disease and pain of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more. He’s helped even more find vibrant health integrating both conventional medicine and holistic disease reversal therapies.

Called the Vegan Doctor, he’s challenged us all to join him by starting the day with a live-food breakfast, smoothies and those 63 push ups every day for his 63rd year. Whew!  He’s a teacher, a fixture in the Atlanta African-centered community a lover of our people and a lover of Jazz. To many of us, his presence is healing.

A healing love is a growing love.

Over the years that grow appeared as Folasuyi 25, Akinbola 23, Olatunde 21, Orisamola 18, Adeshola 16, Olatunde 13. Four of them were home births where the children assisted Papa with delivering their siblings. Folasuyi, the eldest daughter, has been present for all of her sibling's births.

“When we married we agreed to raise our children as vegan and have maintained that lifestyle as a family.” Their personal family love is bound up with community love and healing. Just as William extends himself via his School of Natural Medicine and YouTube Channel, Quinnie mentors several young people and has helped them to complete high school and go to college. She says: “I believe it's our responsibility to make certain any child we come in contact needs are met."

When asked the secret of their healing love, they summed it up in one word: commitment!

“We have a strong commitment to keeping our family together regardless of our differences.”

Join us in giving returning just a smidgin of the love that this couple has shared with the community at AYA's 5th Annual Black Love Dinner Celebration.

PS: In case you want your Black love in the raw, you can order “raw” as your dinner preference.”

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