Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goodbye St. Valentine

Seek Tyehimba Love. Send a Tyehimba card. 

AYA's Black Love awards are not popularity contests. 

To get your hands on one of these, you have to earn it.

Black love is in need of love today. We need real Black-Afrikan relationship-building, family building, nation building love.

Tyehimba love is the kind of love that you'll fight for, and it's the kind that will help you fight against anything that threatens your love or our people. It's a laughing, crying, on the beach and in the trenches kind of love. It's an ancient Afrikan love from the beginning of time that responds to the urgency of now - recreating itself - changing while staying the same.

It's a healing love - one that soothes the wounds born of oppression, one that nurtures a confident and creative hand as you seek to heal family or build an organization or business.

It's a Black love that also stiffens your back as you face the winds of resistance and days of loneliness that accompany your decision to take the Afrikan growth road - less traveled.

It's a love that also strengthens your grip as you reach to snatch our freedom from the tyrant's mouth.

This is the kind of love modeled by 2015 Honorees - Baba Watani and Mama Ahadi Tyehimba and many other honorees. It's not a popular love, it's a principled one which transforms those in it to transform our world from death to life.
St. Valentine doesn't know anything about this kind of love. He only knows an escapist love that hides his need to dominate - even in the bedroom. 

It is a pseudo candy-coated love-domination born of his inadequacies - hundreds of centuries old. It's so old he knows nothing of the spiritual transcendence embodied in "I am because we are and we are because I am." He gives lip service to - but is not "turned on" - by the complementary wholeness that defines Afrikans. 

Domination is his surrogate, his pacifier for the wholeness that is your birthright. His perfumes hide the smell of his decaying soul. The more we follow him, the more our relationships and our souls begin to smell like his.

So leave St. Valentine. Leave his sham, scripted love fests that dissolve to tears, which tastes of sawdust when the artificial sweetener wears thin. Abandon his love-domination scheme that leaves us questioning our worth and abandoning our real divinity.
That is his albatross, not yours. Leave him.

Seek Tyehimba love. Come watch it, catch it, touch it, and dance to the heartbeat of revolutionary Black Love. Come home to real Black Love @ BLD 2018.

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*Be Real Black For Me 

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