Sunday, November 27, 2016

Faraha Kuzeliwa

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday, Earthday, Solar Return on Nov. 19th, 2016 I'm humbled by your friendship and well wishes. I love the calls, the cards, the texts, the messages, and the videos.

I love the love. I receive it and take it in.

I'm inspired to celebrate all year long, then start again. In fact, every day is a celebration, for every day I do what I love to do - work to lift my family, my people, and the world - in that order. Your acknowledgment that I have touched you in some way gives me fuel to redouble my efforts and my creativity. Medase.

Special shout out to my son - Rising Sundjata - for that dedication that spawned the dancing, and to Nia Sadé Walker for the video capturing me and Afiya dancing that has gone viral.

Medase to all who were at the Kilombo 11th Annual Dinner Celebration who circled around us and cheered these 62-year-old joints into motion.

Medase to my immediate family - my granddaughter and grandsons who sang Faraha Kuzeliwa all the way from Miami. And to my ATL family - Afiya MadzimoyoSarafina MadzimoyoIfe MadzimoyoTafari Melisizwe, Sundjata - who took me to the Afrikan-owned Sweet Potato Cafe in Stone Mountain for a wonderful Sunday brunch.

First and last, medase to the ancestors on whose shoulders I stand.
Medase. Together, we will win! We will fight, heal, build, and dance!

Now, we're two days away from Afiya's time. Wed, Nov. 30th is the day she came to this world. Her walk before me and with me has been a blessing to me, her family and our people.

If she's touched your life in any way, help me send love to the love of my life - Afiya Madzimoyo. If I've touched you, then she's touched you, for there is no Baba Wekesa - as you know me - without the love, support, leadership, partnership, understanding, sweetness, hard work, and Alabama Afrikan-ness of Afiya Madzimoyo.

Send your effusions of favor and earth-day wishes to who knows, we might dance again.

Sincerely, Wekesa