Monday, August 1, 2016

I have the hardest time getting people to understand AYA!

I have the hardest time getting people to understand AYA - the school. They think our school is like Connect or Khan Academy. NOT! Check out this short excerpt as AYA students from 5 states debate Black History Celebration or Not! This is a regular language arts debate class, not a special event. All of our instruction is live - live qualified instructors. Live students from across the country and across town. Plus every nine weeks, all students must demonstrate to the community what they are learning in school via local face-2-face presentations. The must show what they know, not what grade the earned. They must take the criticism and the praises. We are preparing students to serve and lift our community, instead of joining others to exploit our community.

If you can't see the one above, try this YouTube version:

In this video - big ups to Allie from NY, Sol from Cincinnati,Tiye from Tuskegee, Yemazen from Dayton, and Farasha from Atlanta Metro. Got a middle of high school student that you want to get an education of excellence and service to our community first?
Regardless of what state you are in, we can help. You know people in your network who are looking for an alternative to the failing systems to which we subject our children and families. Check us out or contact Afiya Madzimoyo ( or @ 404.532.5588

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