Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cincinnati's Araminta + Warriors-Healers-Builder Juneteenth Celebration

Some are elated, some irritated, some outright insulted about the announced Tubman/Jackson $20. Regardless of your position, we have an obligation to control the narrative. The power is in the story! Will her image evoke our commitment to collective freedom? Will it inspire us to heal, build & fight against real oppression today, or induce us to bask in the illusion of inclusion? It’s really up to us.

  • Come. Learn.  Join the national movement to tell her story from the inside-out!

  • Did you know her first attempted escape was with her two brothers?
  • Did you even know that she was from a revolutionary family? 
  • What about her 4-staged spiritual development that supported her revolutionary work? We’ll look at her story through the eyes of AYA’s WHB model. We’ll especially lean on the new SIO model. So we learn to tell her story and OurStory from the inside-out, to flip-the script!


Araminta - WHB Storyteller Certification Begining Training 
1Seymore Nature Preserve Amphitheater
Must have attended Friday night’s session!

You are your children's first teacher and learning director.

Others may help, but you are the director. Come, lean about key elements for your children's learning and about the power of Afrikan centered learning approach regardless of the subject and regardless of your children's ages. Learn about the AYA Way and how you can apply it at home, at school, whenever. Also learn about AYA's full time, part-time, and supplemental educational programs.

Of course, teaching isn't just academic. It's also social responsibility, leadership and personal development. Come and be introduced to our WHB personal and leadership development model.

  • African-Centered Education & Home Schooling - The AYA Way

    • Warriors-Healers-Builders (Free Intro)Personal & Leadership Development

    4- Hour Workshop - BN7
    When you want to go past an introduction to actual skill-building, sign up for the Taste of WHB. Not as intensive as a weekend retreat, and enough time for you to actually learn to used some of the tools for fighting oppression, healing our wounds and family wounds, and building trust so that we can build strong families and organizations. We call this tool set the Blacknificent Seven: 3 skills and 4 steps to help you a more effective communicator and relationship builder.

    Why WHB?

    Warriors: We must become better warriors - challenging the People, Policies &Practices  that aggress upon our families, our people and our community
    Healers: Our people have and continue to be wounded by European domination and other forms of oppression that create conflicts which wreck family, personal, and other relationships. We must heal ourselves
    Builders: While we fight and heal, we are also obligated to build. We must build: Families | Organizations |Businesses | Institutions.
    • Warriors-Healers-Builders (4-hr. Workshop) Personal and Leadership Development (Skill-Building)The Lions Den Cultural Center - 7617 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH

    • WHB Sisters Only - Afiya Madzimoyo
      Healing and Building for Warriors

  • WHB Brothers Only - Wekesa Madzimoyo
  • Healing and Building for Warriors


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