Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Don't go for it!

In a minute, a guy named Valentine will ask for your Black Love. Actually, he's tryin' to use your sweet Black Love to con you out of your Black Love dollars.

Don't do it!

I know you'll just be celebrating your love. Valentine will smile and serve you well to help you celebrate, all the while using your Black Love dollars to fund our community's death.

Don't do it.

Sure he's smiling, your Black Love will allow him to spread more love in his community. Send him packin' like Santa Clause!

Black love is Black wealth. Share the love - keep the wealth in our community.

Celebrate Black Love in ways that makes more Black Love. Black Love needs your love and your Black Love dollars!

Nothing can heal us like Black Love. Let your Black love inspire and fund more Black Love for the caterer, the DJ, the owner of the venue, the saxophonist, the waiters, etc.

Your Black Love can help them go home and share more love with their family and loved ones. Imagine feeling the smile on your face - riding home or the morning after - knowing that your Black Love celebration made it possible for other Black people to spread more love with their family and loved ones.

Black Love is Black wealth

Near Atlanta? See you on Saturday Feb. 13th for the Black Love Day Dinner Celebration to kick off a year of intentionally Loving Black Love! Website

Not in Atlanta? Gather your crew to make sure the do the same where you are. If you need help email me . You can do it. We can help.