Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Black Love is In Need of Love Today

Black Love Is In Need of Love Today! (Stevie reminds us)
Family, our love is wounded. Daily, our loving ourselves is under attack. Constantly, we're reminded that we're not enough, that we don't deserve the best treatment, that - as Baba Clarke would say - we're "outside of God's grace." We're wounded, so our love is wounded, and wounding. Let's heal it. Let's nurture it. Let's defend it. Let's celebrate it. On Feb. 13th - Black Love Day we'll do just that, by kicking off a year of healing, defending, tasting and celebrating Black Love. Akoma Love. Healing and Building Love. (See Black Love Day - Akoma Love). Use the comment section to send some Love to Black Love. On Feb. 13th, over dinner, through games, interviews and dancing, this year's honorees will reveal how they loved their love - for our people, for themselves and each other. Who are they? Shh... coming soon. Last year's honorees here: web / FB They'll reveal how they healed it, how they nurtured it, how they defended it. Through them, we learn how to wrap the Romantic Love we have or that we seek in a healing container.
  • We honor Revolutionary Love
  • We honor Long Love
  • We honor Young Love
  • We honor Community Love
  • We honor Ancestral Love
  • We honor Love Search Love

To honor less is escapist Hollywood fantasy, a pacifier. We don't need that. We need healing love that will touch us in ways that touch and heal deep down, that last for more than just one night, that will support us being better builders and better warriors. "Cause our love is wounded and under attack.

Join us cause love is in need of love today. Black Love Day - Akoma Love
Note: Every registered single or couple will get a "BLD Loving Is Winning" DVD where Afiya and I and BLD honored guests - past and present reveal how we loved our love. Please pass this on to anyone knows that Black Love is in Need of Black Love. Purchase your tickets Akoma Love