Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bending Time?

I saw this image on social media yesterday and responded:

They don't represent it or defend it. Why are we wanting to put something on them that they don't espouse or defend? Are we that desperate and delusional, or maybe I just missed it.

A friend responded: I have no real buy in to the individuals AND 😉 the imagery that is African people in African garb...BEAUTIFUL😊

Wekesa: So if they'd pictured Obama or Clarence Thomas in the same beautiful Afrikan garb, would you be more struck by their Afrikan beauty, than their Eurocentric politics? Maybe so. I respect your choice.

Forgive me, I'm an old man. When I was coming of age, wearing Afrikan clothes WAS a political choice and statement.

That is what made it beautiful.

Forgive me if I try to do the impossible - bend time. It gets me in trouble sometimes. Medase.