Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Courses for 2015-2016

We're excited about some new classes for 2015-2016 with compliment our standard math, science, language arts and history curriculum.

Cosmic Afrika - Black Astronomy Then and Now!
Form Follows Function: Finding Imhotep’s Father (Black Architecture)
Goal Setting | Motivation | Performance
The Geo-Math Mix: Foundational Math and Intro. Geometry (Projects)
Afrikan Dance: The Music, the Moves, the Locations
The Economic Conundrum ( Their Attack,  Our Defense, Our  Money for WHB)
The Spell of Afrika (Intro to Ideological Origins of Black Nationalism)
Passing the Torch - Youth Organizing for Power
Raspberry Pi, Robotics, and Computer Programming (+ Competition)
 Image-A-Nation Photography Projects: Community Media (+ Competition)
Argumentation and Falsification (Debate Plus Amos N. Wilson)
 Haiti - From the Bottom Up
Continued - Aquaponics (Urban Farming)

•Live Web-Conference-Based 
•Local and National Peers
•Live Peers and Instructors•Local Face-2-Face Clusters

Learn more about these courses at our web-conference open house. Get details. Meet Instructors.
 Online Open House Each
   Sun. July-September
   6:00 PM-7:30PM  (EST)

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