Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Course Descriptions

We're excited about some new classes for 2015-2016 with compliment our standard math, science, language arts and history curriculum.

Cosmic Afrika I & II -  Black Astronomy Then and Now! (aka CPT - Cosmic Peoples Time )
These are the featured science courses this semester. Mama Erica and Baba Balogun will teach the middle and high school sections of this course- respectively. Afrikans invented clock time. Afrikan time is cosmic people's time. This course starts where time began - with us. The way we counted time was based on the cosmos - the movement of the "heavenly" bodies. Major calendar today is based on our star charts. Did you know that in ancient KMT (Egypt), we had identified over 43 constellations. Students will observe and photograph the night sky in search of constellations themselves. They will have to walk a mile in our ancestor's astronomical sandals including understanding amplitude, azimuth, declination, celestial equator, ecliptic and much more. Of course we won't stay in KMT, we'll follow the Dogon to Sirus, and visit Namortunga II and the Turkana people of northern Kenya. Since we invented clock time, we'll do some time travel from the past to the present to meet up with South Afrikan astrophysicist Thebe Medupe, Black Hole astrophysicist -Neil DeGrass Tyson, and 10 other Black astrophysicist including sisters - Dr. Jarita Holbrook and Claudia Alexander. Students will be introduced to the vocabulary, and the science of astronomy, and the intersections of astronomy with architecture (see Forms Follows Function), religion, culture, and mathematics. In the math classes, they will be charged with measuring the universe.
 Form Follows Function: Finding Imhotep’s Father (Black Architecture)
Students will feast on the designs of the first architects from the heralded ancient pyramids and temples of Nubia and Kemet (Egypt), to the Great Wall of Zimbabwe to the often overlooked and maligned “hut.” While they’ll learn history and culture, this is an architecture class. They’ll enter the mind of the architect: part artist, part engineer, part chemist, part physicist, part psychologist, part sociologist and part environmentalist. After exploring the mind of the architect, the students are asked to practice some of the skills of the architects: designing, drawing, writing, speaking, calculating and managing. It's a lot, and it’s a two semester course. 
See more: http://goo.gl/oZBECi

 Goal Setting | Motivation | Performance  (Guardian Force Class)
Everybody says set goals, and everyone does set goals, and even otherwise successful adults still struggle with this one. AYA  and Bennett College graduate, Ife Madzimoyo, will guide students to goals setting methods that will link to their motivation, and increase performance.
 The Geo-Math Mix: Foundational Math and Intro. Geometry (Projects)
You know the problems our students have with "higher" maths, is that they've been alienated from the subject and have week math foundations. Some of that alienation is generations old. Mama Afiya seeks to heal that alienation, and to create a very strong math foundation - mental math facts, multiplication tables, division, fractions, decimals, percents, etc. It's not about grades, it's about performance - faster, and faster performance. It's also about connection. She's determined to transfer her love of numbers and calculating to each student. This year she includes introductory geometry activities - angles,  triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, solids, and number symmetry. Each student will learn by doing. Learning Across the Curriculum: Students in the class will use their skills to help them chart the universe in astronomy class (see Cosmic Afrika) and calculate pixel sizes for their digital photography class (see Imagine-A-Nation).
Afrikan Dance: The Music, the Moves, the Locations (Guardian Force)
AYA student and Howard University Graduate, Nilajah (Kristina) Banks will share her love and knowledge of Afrikan dance in hopes that students - male and female with engage themselves and support in their local African dance movements. Using video and audio clips, students will learn the music, the moves and the history and origins of different Afrikan dances.
 The Economic Conundrum ( Their Attack,  Our Defense, Our  Money for WHB)

The Spell of Afrika (Intro to Ideological Origins of Black Nationalism)
 Passing the Torch - Youth Organizing for Power
 Raspberry Pi, Robotics, and Computer Programming (+ Competition)
 Image-A-Nation Photography Projects: Community Media (+ Competition)
 Argumentation and Falsification (Debate Plus Amos N. Wilson)
 Haiti - From the Bottom Up
Continued - Aquaponics (Urban Farming)

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