Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Healing Alienation! Open House

Middle School & High School Full and Part-Time 

National Afrikan-Centered  Home-School Education

Foundational Courses (For a Strong Academic Base)
Advanced Academic Courses (So They Can Compete)
STEM Projects (Science, Tech…Agricultural, Apps, Business  Preparation)
SAT / ACT  / Advanced Placement  (College Preparation)
Warrior-Healer-Builder Courses (Them Learning to Serving Us First)
Healing alienation! Our students have become alienated from academics, from our culture, from our people. They are alienated from their genius and power.  At AYA we teach each subject to heal that alienation!

Live Web-Conference-Based Classes 
•Local and National Peers
•Live Peers and Instructors•Local Face-2-Face Clusters

Online Open House 
Sundays. July - Sept 
6:00-7:30PM (EST)
Link: anymeeting.com/ayateach
Phone: 213-416-1560 Attendee Code:
277 6739#

AYA's Melanin Mastery Cohorts Forming

AYA Parents, I sent this out last Saturday. The response has been overwhelming. Here are some of the responses: Monica Utsey   I am ONE...