Monday, July 27, 2015

Form Follows Function: Finding Imhotep's Father - The Course

Where did they hide his body?

They have even been able to hide is name. To steal the father is to cripple the son, and us.  We must find him. There are those who are seeking to turn the son against his father's teachings. The results will be catastrophic.

"Forms follows function" is not just an architectural maxim, Since before the time of Imhotep's father it has guided human creation. It can only be determined in community, with community. To turn it on it's head  - function following form  - is hedonistic. Imhotep together with his father can turn the world right-side up again.

Join this unique architecture course in search of the mind and the skills of the architects who will help Imhotep and his father turn the world right-side up again.

Nana Baffour
Asa G. Hilliard III
 The course title comes from Nana Baffour (Asa G. Hilliard III) who taught us years ago that “form follows function, and that beauty follows form.”Architects Sister Ese (Justein Futurell) and Baba Yohance (Bediako Darrell Mitchell) will teach the combo - high school and adult learner course called

Form Follows Function: Finding Imhotep's Father

Students will feast on the designs of the first architects from the heralded ancient pyramids and temples of Nubia and Kemet, to the Great Wall of Zimbabwe to the often overlooked and maligned “hut.”

While they’ll learn history and culture, this is an architecture class. They’ll enter the mind of the architect: part artist, part engineer, part chemist, part physicist, part psychologist, part sociologist and part environmentalist.

They’ll travel from Kemet, Nubia and Zimbawe, to the recursive fractal villages in Mali, to the Sirius people - the Dogon, to community design in Iqique, Chile, to sustainable buildings in Bali, Indonesia and also in Gando, Burkina Faso.

The architect who returned home to Gando brought me to tears. Growing up, the villagers would pool their pennies to send him miles away to another village so he could go to school. They pinned their hopes on him. He studied in the dimly lit primary and secondary classrooms far away from his family. His efforts snared him a scholarship to go to Germany to study architecture.

Gando - Community Building
Alienation more than loneliness was the subtle death-trap that he faced in every text book, every lecture. Unwittingly or not, his architectural training sought to develop in him a mindset to value and serve aliens. Fortunately, those hope-filled pennies kept him “clothed in his right mind.”

 They anchored him to his culture and his people, and to the search for Imhotep's father's wisdom - form follows function. Grown up and certified, he returned to Gando - still poor with no schools, no electricity, etc. No matter, he showed his people the richness of the material all around them. With them - the people and the local materials - he began to build, and you should see what they’ve built. Of course, when you enroll, you will see.

Nubian Pyramids
For many that would be enough; not! This is AYA Educational Institute.

After exploring the mind of the architect, the students are asked to practice some of the skills of the architects: designing, drawing, writing, speaking, calculating and managing. It's a lot, and it’s a two semester course.

When they are well into the course, another professional Mama Tayani Suma will help them understand the funding and contracting needed to transform plans into places that you can actually sleep, play and work in.

It is a wonderful quest. 

Raise your hand if you want to go. Oh, that’s right, class hasn’t started yet. Worried about not being able to make it? The class is taught via our live web-conference platform, so you can attend from wherever you can get an internet connection. You’ll need a headset, web cam and a watch. No recorded sessions here. You log in on time and you’ll see your fellow students, and they see and hear you. The learning is in the interaction!

Join us. Sign up for this intellectual quest.

Need more information? Great. Contact Mama Afiya @ 404. 532.9958 or You can join us for our OPEN HOUSE on Sundays @ 6pm EST.

One more sweet thing that I just have to tell you:  Our high school students who take this course will also be taking our Cosmic Afrika Astronomy classes. Cosmic Peoples Time! The budding architects will be amazed at how our reverence for and knowledge of the stars guided our building. You will too. Who knows we just may find Imhotep's father there in the cosmos. Some say it may even be Ptah-Hotep himself.

I get excited just writing about it. Man, can I take this course? Hey call the number above, come to the OPEN HOUSE and stay tuned to our blog: