Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Call in Black!

I love this "Call in Black" video.Yes, today would be a great day to "call in Black." If you can't, or even after you do, then make the Black Call. Call to our fighting, healing, building ancestors, songs, stories, so they can go with you. This is not the time to surrender or shrink.

This brutality is not new. It's allowing us to see what's been happening for decades - hidden by projections of progress and our delusions to match. We are only shedding the illusions and delusion that have kept us from touching the ordinary reality of our existence in America, and that have kept us from touching the old Afrikan, and Afrikan power within.

Feel deeply - anger, sadness, even fear. Let our tears water continue to wash away the illusions and delusions - though horrors we'll see. Let our tears water the ancient seeds of resistance and hope in us. Follow the anger and fear to their natural conclusions - power. Then you'll know what to do and when.

I'll remind you that you are not alone, have never been alone, and will never be alone. I'll remind you that we will get through this not by delusions that we are the problem, that God will change their hearts, or that God will move them out of the way. We'll get through this by realizing that God (however conceived) sent us to make a way out of no way - fighting, healing, building - like our ancestors before us.

Revolt aboard the Creole Oct. 27 1841
Our actions to make this way out of no way is the evocation that will bring ancestors, culture and Spirit. This is Black Call. Let's make it.