Friday, April 17, 2015

WHB Sisters Only!

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Sister's gonna work it out!

On May 29-31st,  the world will change. The sisters of AYA (Afiya, Nzinga, Yinka) will host a sisters-only version of our powerful Warriors-Healers-Builders retreat. While Sisters are working it out, brothers will be doing the same - in their Brothers-Only session. There will be only two points of interaction between the two groups to make sure that while we do our work, we don't want to only hear our own voices.

Warriors: We must become better warriors - challenging the People  | Policies |Practices  that aggress upon our families, our people and our community.

Healers: Our people have and continue to be wounded by European domination and other forms of oppression that create conflicts which wreck family, personal, and other relationships. We must heal ourselves.

Builders: While we fight and heal, we are also obligated to build. We must build:
Families | Schools | Organizations | Businesses | Institutions

Three skills are key:

Crack The Code - to unlock the emotionally-coded script that causes unwanted conflict and deep distrust. Historic oppression, family habits, and status socialization conspire to make us emotionally illiterate and inauthentic with ourselves. Authenticity leads to intimacy and unity between us.

Circle The Line - to morph the Superior/Inferior Line that divides us into a circle of trust. Unwittingly, we bring to our relationships and even conversations a sense of who’s better/worse, superior/inferior. No matter which side we’re on, conflict ensues. Denying it won’t make it go away. Compromise and clichés only hide it from ourselves. Only by grabbing the ends of that line and forging it into a circle of trust can we cure the conflicts that often reverberate from our childhood.

Solve the Riddle - “Babies cry for it; grown men and women die for it!” What Is it? Solving this mystery leads us to the River of Touches. Come. Learn how to manage the awesome power of this river, and how to defend against its misuse. Skilled touches stimulate personal growth, creativity, cohesive relationships and joy.

Gain support and skill to: 
Crack the Code | Circle the Line | Solve the Riddle