Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 Steps 2 Recovery: Home Schooling Authenticity 2016 Spring Educational Series

7 Steps 2 Recovery: Home Schooling Authenticity Educational Series
For Home-Schoolers, First Teachers and Life-Long Learning Directors
Contacts: Afiya Madzimoyo & Yinka Winfrey
(404) 832-9958 or (770)882-9515

Sponsored by AYA Educational Institute,

Courses based on research and practice of AYA Educational Institute.
Presented by  Baba Wekesa O. Madzimoyo

AYA Educational Institute presents 7 interactive webinars to increase your educational effectiveness in a challenging time. Educating parents, grandparents and community educators rarely have the access to continuing education resources which are proven effective, and are also tailored to Black youth. Now, you do.
AYA Educational Institute is a research, educational, and consultative resource with more than 17 
years experience available to you now. Models, scripts, and cookie-cutter lesson plans have 
their place. Still, sometimes you need to know the thinking and methodology behind the script. Sometimes popularity isn’t the answer. Sometimes, you just need to ask questions. That’s why 7 Steps 2 Recovery Educational Seminars are live and interactive. What you learn will be applicable to teaching across the curriculum and across various ages.

 The 7 seminars will cover 3 basic areas: 
  1. Oppression and Education (Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away)
  2. Innovative STEM Projects (with practical application)
  3. Healing Alienation (subject matter and cultural)   

Where? Login in from where ever you are!
Login via the Internet from the comfort of your own home, office, your car or the local coffee shop. You can also attend class via your phone. We recommend a tablet, laptop or desktop computer for the full benefit of the webinar.

Dates and Courses:

Sun. March. 27th - Blue/Eyed, Brown/Eyed - The Black Eye of Education: White children demonstrate the effect of oppression on academic performance years ago. Is it the same now? Is it worse for our children? Does it sneak it in our own safe home schools? How to reverse the damage to increase student performance.

Sun. April 3rd - Cracking the Code, Circling the Line, Solving the Riddle: using the awesome power of emotional authenticity and the River of Touches, we heal oppression in writing, math, science, and other academic wounds.

Sun. April 10th - Kumbuka: An Afrikan Source for Learning, Memory Acceleration & Subject Mastery. How to use our African Cultural strengths to enhance memory, comprehension, retention and recall of difficult reading material, science and math.

Sun. April 17th - Fish To Feed the Multitudes: Aquaponics and the Raspberry Pi. This segment demonstrates project-based teaching across the curriculum. From fish stories to Raspberry Pi - Biology and technology meet to instill confidence, scientific knowledge and social responsibility.

Sun. April 24th - Sankofa Math -Defeating the Alien Blocking The Door to Math Excellence. Math as taught in most schools - public or private - is a forked tongue snake - it either alienates students from the subject, or the student from our people/culture. Both roads lead to failure. The latter is often at first disguised as success. We go back to fetch our natural math excellence, heal old math wounds, and show you how to teach it in ways that stimulate excellence and service to our people and the world - in that order.

Sun. May 1st - The Choke Hold vs. The Sleeper Hold: The Resurgent Racism & Helping Our Students Cope. Infusing our academics with thoughts and feelings about resurgent racism to generate lessons, discussion, action and a greater motivation for academic success and social responsibility.

Sun. May 8th - Seven Steps To Recovery: What Recovering Athletes Teach Us About Education. We examine professional athletes who have recovered from career threatening injuries to learn how to help ourselves and our children when we or they need to recover from personal, family, and academic injuries. Combining the lessons from athletes with our history and culture will create a solid foundation for learning, and for getting you and them out of academic jams.

Bonus Discussion: Web and TV Resources: Addiction, Implants or Both. Can Brain Games cure your addiction or do they cause it? Will Ted Talks cure false memories or implant them?

Tuition: You name it! 

For real. This series is offered as a fundraiser for homeschool parents, homeschooling organizations, and Black independent educational efforts and organizations. The tuition amount you choose to pay for each class goes to support AYA and the other co-sponsoring African American home-school and alternative educational initiatives that you choose to support. So we trust that if a class touches or teaches you, and/or proves useful, in the spirit of reciprocity, you’ll choose the right tuition.

Because of this liberal fee policy, seats are going fast. 
Please call or register today.

(404) 832-9958 or (770)882-9515