Friday, December 12, 2014

Choking Hold vs. Vascular (Sleeper) Hold

Fanta Harriston
I love AYA. The day after yet another grand jury refused to indict a NY police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, for the killing of Eric Garner, our students and our community is up in arms, and tears, and fears. Instead of asking students to leave that at the door, Mama Fanta, instructor for our Black Body BioKhemestry, directed students to research the difference between a choke hold and a vascular or sleeper hold.
The former kills, or damages the wind pipe. The latter puts the person to sleep by temporarily cutting off blood to the brain.
Noting that some people in dominant and social media were debating about the officer's choke hold, Mama Fanta decided that she would equip her students with facts and perspectives to better prepare them for the debates and conversations.
Check it out, and please help me in appreciating Mama Fanta. Email her your thoughts.